WE are the uninvited immigrants

No matter which individual or group you believe first came from Europe to settle in the New World, all of us who fit into that category came as uninvited immigrants.  If you read the accounts from the daily log of Columbus and his ships, you will read the most monstrous, inhumane comments and observations about the "natives" they first encountered in this hemisphere. 

The way we treated the people who had been living here for a millenium is also sickening.  The white Europeans gave no thought to the native people, their familites, their traditions, their religion, their welfare, their right to the land they lived on for so very-very long, etc.  We horribly mistreated them, disenfranchised them, stole their land, tried to smother their culture and religion, murdered them, brought disease to them, moved them, herded them onto land that was strange to them, took everything we could from them.

And now, the descendants of these ruthless Europeans living in the U.S. suddenly want to keep others from coming here.  We shout out about illegal immigrants.  Who the heck are we to claim any right to these lands, and who are we to try and restrict others from entering [people from whom we often stole their anscestors land ourselves]?  We are truly hypocrites, to say the least.  If you are not embarrassed about Euro-Americans today, then you have no understanding of what it means to be a human being.

Not only do we today rant and yell about illegal immigrants who are Native Americans or Hispanics, we are bigoted against African-Americans, whom we dragged here against their will and treated like animals.

The very people we call "illegal immigrants" today could teach us much about what it means to be fully human.  We are wretched souls who have painted our own history to make it seem that we are holy and pure and democratic.  Baloney!  We are terrible excuses for civilitzed human beings.

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