Of course, Tammy Baldwin

Some years ago, while living in Kansas City, I saw a news clip concerning the Governor of Wisconsin.  Being a Badger, and being gone from my home state for quite awhile, I was interested to see who the new Wisconsin gov was.  I couldn't have been more disappointed or embarrassed from the first words out of the mouth of Tommy Thompson.  Could this awkward goof really be the governor of my home state?  He was an embarrassment of the First Waters.

Since that time, the small town boy has become a puppet and servant of the wealthy, and in the process has made himself rich.  Was this because he was talented or intelligent?  Nope, it was because he had no qualms about selling out to well-paying, greedy individuals.  And Tommy had learned to play with the big boys in Washington.  And as is the case with so many of our "servants" in Washington, he left a Cabinet post and offered himself to the highest bidder.  And the bids came in for the man with connections in D.C.

Selling one's services to special interest groups has become all-too-common among Washington pols.  And the pay is wonderful.  The main qualification is to be void of ethics, morals, or principles.  And Tommy Thompson is tailor-made to sell out to special interests.  Although this bumpkin is more akin to the government leaders with government connections in the South, he has done OK for Tommy Thompson.

Now he has brought himself back to run for the U.S. Senate following the retirement of Herb Kohl.  It is somewhat sad to watch the man with so many connections and so much experience in government stumble around trying to look "Senatorial."  He can't shake the hayseed.  And he has not aged well, showing signs of having lost whatever sharpness he ever had.

Enter Tammy Baldwin.  Tammy is in the U.S. Congress.  Tammy is intelligent, educated, feet-on-the-ground sophistication, and possesses something Tommy Thompson lacks: integrity.  Tammy would make an excellent U.S. Senator. 

Tommy Thompson's big criticism of Tammy is that she is "very liberal."  That's bad?  She holds to some basic principles in the process.  She is not just available to the hightest bidder as Thompson has been.

Listen to Tammy Baldwin.  Meet her if you can.  Talk to her.  Hear her stance on major issues.  And note clearly, please, her abundance of quality principles.  She is not for sale.  She does not have a history of doing the bidding of a narrow, greedy swath of wealthy Americans, as Tommy does.

Vote for Tammy Baldwin.  Not voting for Tommy Thompson is because he is a no-brainer.

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