Let the Rest of The World Go By

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To use a football analogy, the Obama campaign is playing prevent defense. The pollsters are acting like the replacement refs, and the Romney campaign is making bad calls. And the worst part is-the United States will have to live with the results for four more years. Next season is a long way off.

For now, the president's campaign seems to be gaining. His avoidance of the world's problems and the countries concerns is becoming a winning strategy. The bad economy has been blamed on Bush for the entire four years. The president has taken absolutely no responsibility for the tough economy. Yet he claims the auto bailouts and stimulus packages have worked. The president completely avoids any talk about the deficit and the growing national debt. The debt hasincreased 60% since the president has taken office yet he has more excuses than solutions. And America is buying it.

His foreign-policy actions of also been a disaster. I kowtowing to the Muslim interests in the Middle East, the United States has become a target for terrorist actions. By making the military weaker, and planning to make it even weaker, the United States is less respected in the world. And how does the president address this? By blaming a video. This would seem ridiculous if it wasn't so serious.

So what can we as citizens expect in the next four years? More of the same. Or stagnation, more regulation, more entitlements, more expansion of government, and all this will be fueled by higher taxes. And will this big tax increase be limited to just millionaires and billionaires? We should be so lucky.

It is also ridiculous to think that the president will adjust his schedule to meet with the ladies on the View and not meet with any world leaders as they come to this country for a UN assembly. The UN assembly cannot be taken seriously either, but if our friends and allies are here, why are they being pushed aside or ignored completely by the president while he meets and has a beer with Jay-Z? Unbelievable.

The President can only hope that nothing in the form of a crisis anywhere in the world, including the United States, will erupt. His best is that he can slide through these next six weeks without having to us say anything that is not on his Teleprompter. That will seal the deal with his narrative that things are going so well that we do not need to change. The economy is so robust that if we just give it more time, we will once again have some good old days. Why a re-lowering the standard for this president and extending the deadline? The president has had enough time to produce some results. The results are not good.

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