Evaluating Romney...

 It is truly amazing that the recent release of a small portion of Mitt Romney's tax liability for a recent year was viewed as a positive by some people.  I won't bother to make an issue of his history of hiding his income and assets in Swiss and Cayman accounts.  But deceptively not paying his full taxes for one year so that his personal reference to paying 14% in income taxes was "accurate" is too much.  It shows blatantly his use of deception to be "truthful."  As Romney himself once said in an interview, "If I didn't use my full deductions and overpaid my tax liability, I probably wouldn't be fit to be President."  Absolutely correct, Mitt.

If Mitt Romney had claimed all of his charitable donations instead of just some of them, he would have paid less than 10% of his income in taxes.  But he said he paid 13 or 14% in all recent years.  So he had his tax accountant NOT use all his deductions so he could show he paid 14% in teaxes.  That is considered honesty by Romney???  Manipulation, perhaps.  Deception, perhaps,  But certainly not honesty!

Even the 14% he did pay was below the percentage paid by many hard-working Americans.  Outrageous!

Mitt tells us how his "knowledge" as a business man would help the American economy if he were to be elected President.  Well, as Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney's administration saw many businesses and industries shuttered and many thousands of jobs lost [during good economic times!].  That's actually how Romney DID do business at Bain Capital.  Closed businesses and sent jobs to China.  Can you imagine what would happen to the U.S. if he were in charge, adding to the economic disaster of George W. Bush?  Thank goodness we had President Obama to begin to straighten out all this trickle-down hocus-pocus that always fails.  Do we really want to return to that kind of disaster again?  Obama may not be a  great President, but he surely is not the disaster of George W. Bush and a proposed Mitt Romney.  The choice is obvious if we are going to get out of this trickle-down malaise.

Now a cornerstone of Mitt Romney's platform is to overturn Obamacare.  Where was the first place to have Obamacare?  Massachusetts!  Who was Governor of Massachusetts at that time?  Romney!  Did Governor Romney support that kind of health care reform?  He championed and led it.  Now he flip-flops on that issue.  Do you really-really want such a charlatan as your President?

The right-wing team of Romney and Paul Ryan tells us that we must cut spending in the federal budget allocations.  Yet the Romney-Ryan suggestion would actually RAISE the expenditures for the Pentagon by 11%.  Yes, that is right, RAISE allocations for the Pentagon to more than the Pentagon itslef asked for.  This sham and scam known at the Romney-Ryan ticket is dangerous to the max.  They are running for President and Vice-President for one major reason: they have promised to give MORE government money to support the military-industrial complex, insurance companies, and tax breaks for the rich.  The hokum and lies are sickening.

Mitt Romney proudly announced that he was "not going to let the campaign be dictated by fact-checkers."  OK, Mitt, how are we supposed to dig through your bevy of lies and distortions?  Among all presidential candidates in recent memory, Romney needs a "fact-checker" more than any of them.

Look, I am ashamed at the failure of leadership in all three branches of government, and by both political parties.  But do we really want to consider economic and political suicide with Romney in the White House.  Haven't we had enough lying and deception without amplifying it with Romney?  Does Mitt Romney have a straight-forward, honest bone in his body?

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