Mitt Romney can't help himself.  When he lies, which is often, he gets into trouble.  When he tells the truth, he gets into trouble.  I guess all we can do is listen carefully to his exact words and try to figure out what he means and what he is trying to hide.  It ain't easy for someone who has had an easy life.

Speaking to a group of wealthy people who feel they have to support the conservative in the presidential race because that will protect their tax breaks, government contracts, and favorable deals with the government or with the government out of the way.  In short, greed trumps everything, and the greediest vote in November will go to the politician who can deliver the protection and the hand-outs to the wealthy.

So it was that Romney was speaking confidentially, he thought, to his wealthy buddies.  And he outlined how he plans to give all the breaks possible to the wealthiest Americans and American corporations.  He was very explicit.  He immediately and directly separated himself from the 47% of Americans who he said pay no taxes.  Well, that is the first lie.  Everybody pays taxes, whether it is payroll taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, ad infinitum.  Many of this 47% fall below the poverty line and pay no income taxes, just like many of the wealthiest Americans.

He dismissed this group as lost to Obama because they depend on him to protect them.  While many of us would say that it is good that someone in a leadership position seeks to protect the needy, that is a bad thing in the eyes of the wealthy ...except when it comes to their hand-outs and off-shore tax dodges.

Romney has no compassion for the poor because they represent a "foreign" element in his lifelong experience.  He was born into wealth, and he used every dodge he could to avoid taxes, and he used every maneuver to cut jobs or send them overseas so his corporate investments and take-overs could maximize profits.  As Romney has said, he knows how to create jobs China.

The dismissive way Romney characterized a large group of Americans is alarming.  His ignorance of the life of poor and disadvantaged Americans is as bad or worse than George Bush.  He quite simply accepts the fact that he is privileged, deserves what he was given, and has the right to protect his stash and prevent others from it matter the cost to the 47%.  It is cold, pure logic to Romney.  What's all the criticism about, he wonders.

It all boils down to this, the thought process of the wealthy and wealthy-wannabees:


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