Romney & Ryan support Socialism???

 Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan love to try and attach the socialist label on Barach Obama.  Usually it refers to some compassionate or altruistic concept or program that President Obama advocates.  Anything that does not give huge tax breaks to the wealthy in the U.S., or offer sweetheart military-industiral contracts to the largest corporations will be labeled "socialistic."  Hmmm.

The health care reform that President Obama was able to get through Congress has been waiting since the administration of President Teddy Roosevelt.  Amazingly, Obama was finally able to achieve it, though many prior presidents had failed.  Romney and Ryan call it Euro-Socialism.  Strange.

If you do not have health insurance now, you can go to any hospital emergency room and be treated for an illness or something that requires medical!  That is socialism.  What Obama's plan will do is organize health care in such a way as to strongly encourage everyone to buy health insurance.  That is capitalism.  What we have now is socialism, what Obamacare will do is get far more people to buy health insurance that will pay for health care costs, and that is capitalism.  Think about that!

In the midst of the "news" that is bought and sold by wealth in America, it becomes more and more difficult to get the facts.  Even the most obvious facts are lost in the purchased news of today.  We are given a jumbled mess that passes for news.  News is presented by the highest bidder, the most wealthy purchaser.  What is presented as socialism is capitalism in health care.  What is presented as capitalism is socialism in health care.  Please re-read the absolute truth in the paragraphs above.

Snake oil is not truth.  Snake oil is not economics.  Snake oil is not news.  Snake oil is what you are being sold.  And like a lemming, you run over the cliff believing you are doing the right thing.

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