The Empty Chair for the Empty Suit

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Last week's Republican national convention showed to the country, and much to the dismay of Democrats, that Republicans are not a bunch of back towards, toothless, redneck, gun toting hillbillies. The speeches, the rising stars, the unity, is all being brushed aside so that there can be ridicule done towards the presentation of Clint Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood's presentation was Hollywood entertainment. A break from the continuity of the political figures, an off-the-cuff speech that may not have gone as well as expected due to some of the ramblings. But the empty chair did represent the empty suit that was being represented there.

The age-old question is again being asked. Are you better off than you were four years ago? Te Republicans were able to re-soundly affirm that the answer is no. The unemployment rate went from 7.8% to 8.3%. Fewer Americans are working today than four years ago. The median income in America has dropped by $4000 per household. A gallon of gas is more than doubled. If the Democrats are saying that things are better.

Stony faced Democrats have been gracing the news channels when asked to view a clip about Clint Eastwood. Yet Obama seems to be getting big laughs when he brings out his rhetoric about the Republican national convention:  “It was something to behold,” the president said. “Despite all the challenges we face in this recession, what they offered over those three days was, more often than not, an agenda that was better suited for the last century. You might as well have been watching it on black-and-white TV. With rabbit ears. On Nick At Nite.”

That was revealing. I didn't know you could get Nick at Nite on a TV with rabbit ears. Gaffe aside, the president is telling us that old traditional values from long ago are no longer going to be what America is about if we are to move forward. We want the American voter to think that by voting for Obama that we can bring back the economic policies of 20 years ago that worked during the Clinton years. Even though that was last century too.

Are you better off than four years ago? Ten answer is no being twisted into believing that Obama had such a rough beginning from the Bush years that this mediocrity is working really well for America. Just don't ask the average family whose median income drop $4000 over the past few years. They will need that money to buy a gallon of gas which is doubled. That's right, they don't have it. I the Obama administration so out of ideas that they have to go back to running against George Bush again?  We'll be getting the answer this week.


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