More "honesty" from Romney-Ryan...

Oh, they look so honest!  Romney and Ryan will be good leaders.  I trust them.  Wow, are people in for some surprises!  Check their backgrounds, please.  Know the two-faced lies they have told you.  See, how they have designed their platform to help the rich and hurt the middle class and poor.  They have no conscience about trampling you or the government programs designed to help you.  Oh, it is OK for the government to help them, as it has many times.  But not you.  For you it is socialism, for them it is good capitalism.  Sad.  Sick.  Shameful.  Disgusting. 

Yes, by now all of us should know how the drug companies and the insurance companies wine and dine people to get what they want.  They send physicians on luxury vacations at no cost to the physicians; all the docs have to do is prescribe certain drugs.  And insurance companies know how to send politicians on a gravy train route in order to get their support.  Your health and health care is dependent upon physicians who are bought and sold, and upon insurance companies who know how to prevent you from adequate care.  And the king and prince of the drug-insurance cabal in Washington, Romney and Ryan, can't wait to get their hands on power so they can reward their masters.  You get the dregs.

Here are quotes from someone who really knows what health care and medicine should be, a nurse.  This is not more propaganda from puppet physicians, but truth from someone who actually services sick people.  Not only is the following written by a nurse, but written by a nurse who is a Republican...

[excerpted from a recent column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, written by Dee Ives, a registered nurse, a veteran and a Republican]:

"Earlier this year, Romney embraced Ryan's budget proposal.  This plan is very clear.  It would end Medicare as we know it, drastically cut Medicaid --a lifeline for seniors, people with disabilities and children-- and end the benefits and insurance protections of the Affordable Care Act.

"Here is who the Romney-Ryan prescription would hurt: everyone who is counting on Medicare to be there when they retire, seniors who rely on nursing home care, people with disabilities, children living below the poverty line, working familites struggling to afford health insurance, people with pre-existing conditions and the list goes on.  In short, most of the patients my fellow nurses and I treat on a daily basis.

"I would ask Romney and Ryan to think about the care nurses deliver and how wrong their prescription is for the health and future of America.  Patients' lives are at stake."

While you are at it you may want to check on poor Paul Ryan's modest background that he likes to present.  Yes, the poor kid now lives on the same block where he grew up as a boy.  Of course not many of us grew up on a street of mansions.  And not many of us now live in the huge home that was owned by the wealthy Parker family, of Parker Pen fame and wealth.  Don't be misled by these comfortable deception-loaded right-wingers.  They have their pile, they just don't want you to be comfortable.  They want to save and hoard the wealth for the few.

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