There are so many ways that Paul Ryan is a charlatan that I simply ask you to check his own history.  Born into a little money, he used his father's Social Security money to help him get started.  Paul Ryan's family business was built on using government money to get contracts for income.  Paul Ryan is not a log cabin Republixan.  In fact, like Mitt Romney, just about all of Ryan's millions have come directly or indirectly from government funding.  Yet Paul Ryan wants to deny these opportunities to others.  

Just as the other charlatans who used government money to make their fotrunes, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney and George Bush and Tom DeLay and the rest, these two-faced politicians all now speak against government funding though they had used it.  They sit on their wealth pile, helped greatly by government money and/or contracts, and want to deny others the same.  Not only did some of them use government money to further their own fortunes, but some ended up in court, charged with illegalities.

Today's Republican Party, far different from the traditional conservatives in America, have this as their unannounced guiding principle:


I know, Paul Ryan seems like such a nice guy, from a small town in Wisconsin.  I know.  But if you simply do a little checking you will find out the kind of liar and charlatan he is.  Check him out at a neutral source, not some bought and paid source like FOX.  Check the facts about Paul Ryan.

After Ryan's speech to the Republican convention on Wednesday evening, news sources checked the facts on some of his blatant references.  It is absolutely disgraceful how a man of his "stature" and "Catholic purity" could lie so disgustingly.  Check with Yahoo about their fact-check process on Ryan's speech.

These are not nice people, folks.  Lying is inherent in their message.  Lying is their delivery system.  Lying is like breathing to them.  And I'm not just talking about Ryan lying about running marathons.  The lies that Romney and Ryan tell are actually very demonic.

Yes-yes, I know, Ryan seems like such a nice young man from Janesville.  We had another nice guy from Wisconsin who hit the national limelight.  He was from the Fox River Valley.  He was a veteran.  Like Paul Ryan, he was a real right-winger.  He fooled Wisconsin and the nation for quite some time.  He was a U.S. Senator.  His name was Joe McCarthy.  McCarthyism was as close to Nazi terror as we got in Washington.  Yep, those right-wing heroic figures sure have some patriotic snake oil for you.

That nice young man from Janesville has some atrocious plans for you and America.  Look before you leap.  Check out the "truth" of what Paul Ryan says.  Check carefully ..............very carefully.

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