Setting a Tone

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We're taking it up a notch. As we get closer to Labor Day and the political

conventions, we begin to get the continuous inundation of political ads, political

mailings, and political conversations. From now until November, it's all about the


We've also seen the increased and negativity of how the election is being

managed. Without a record to run on, President Obama is focusing on making

Mitt Romney look as foolish as can be. Although denouncing super Pac’s,

President Obama seems content that his cronies will do the dirty work for him.

They will spread lies, half-truths, and everything else it takes to the election.

Anything to get elected. It's quite Machiavellian. The end justifies the means.

After the election, if the truth comes out, well, then it will be too late. It's not about

fairness, it's about winning. Four years ago, candidate Obama was to be a

transformative figure. He was going to be above politics as usual. He was going

to be about change. He was going to be about optimism. Things have changed.

Democrats and water carriers alike are going to come out in defense of this

tactic. And their justification is; both sides are doing it. It doesn't matter if it's right

or wrong, but because both sides are taking the low road, it's all right. It's legal.

The Supreme Court has said so even though the president has announced their

decision. Silly me, I was expecting more. I was expecting better. I was expecting

honor and dignity to come out of the office of the presidency.

The president has accepted money for his campaign and his Super Pac from

every available source. Yet when his super Pac produces advertisements that

are pulled the dignity of the office of the president, he does not denounce them.

His campaign speeches are all about denouncing Mitt Romney also. But he has

no ideas, he has no plan, and he has no results.

Yes, there will be those who will say that Mitt Romney is doing the same tactics, I

will not disagree. It doesn't make it any better. We can't and won't have a positive

campaign. Being positive doesn't get a lot of enthusiasm. It doesn't get people to

the polls. Nothing motivates people more than being mad as hell and not going to

take it anymore.

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