Assassination Attempt

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Soon after the naming of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's running mate, both Republican and Democrats were cheering. The Republicans were cheering because Paul Ryan is an excellent choice. The Democrats were cheering because they have already done their research and have a lot of half-truths and lies ready to spread about Paul Ryan. The Democrats affectionately call this the good, the bad, and the ugly. Their emphasis is on the pad in the ugly.

Without a record to run on, the Democrats are doing what they can to destroy Romney and Ryan personally. They reluctantly utter a half sentence complement and then dive right in with the slanderous statements. I guess they aren't going to worry about the tax returns anymore; they can now make an issue out of how extreme Paul Ryan is. Liberals may not even have to worry about Obamacare anymore; they can now focus on medi-scare.

Lefties galore will be able to demonize Paul Ryan's plan for the government's budget. They have a lot of time because they have not personally budget of their own. Even the president's got absolutely no votes. Democrats in Congress are ready willing and able to pronounce all parts of Paul Ryan's plan for prosperity.

This is kind of humorous because they never read anything like the health care plan, the Dodd Frank bill, for the stimulus bill that were all pushed through Congress with amazing speed. But now everyone's an authority on the Paul Ryan plan.

Let's face it. The Democrats are out of ideas. There is no validity to their claim that things are working and they just need more time. How much more time do they want? Any economic growth is in spite of Obama's policies and not as a result of them. Now Obama says that it's going to take more than one term and maybe more than one president to get the economy going again. Sounds like an admission of failure to me.

The Democrats have no ideas and no plan for the future for the next four years. It's going to be more of the same, only worse. The Democrats’ vision for the future of America is to be downgraded. The American dream is over if we reelect this president. Mediocrity is the new norm. America's greatness is to be gone. It  was something to apologize for according to this president. To get reelected, the Obama administration will say anything. If the truth comes out after the election, that's okay because then it will be too late. We will put Obama back in for four more years. It will be four more years of high unemployment. Four more years of anemic economic growth. Four more years of the failed shift to a green economy. Four more years of rising utility bills. Four more years of borrowed money to increase entitlements. President Obama once claimed that he did not want to kick the can down the road anymore. The can has gotten more kicks from this president than we ever thought possible. More things have gotten kicked down the road than ever before. Deficit reduction, federal spending controls, increases of terror, just to name a few of the things that have gotten kicked down the road from this presidency.

In just over a year, Obamacare will be in force. 2014 will be the year when these find out what uncontrolled federal spending is really all about. It doesn't matter to this presidency though. President Obama believes that the national debt has no consequence. And he has spending according to that belief. The president comes in after Obama, either in 2013 or 2017, will have a good excuse. He can claim that he inherited the biggest mess ever. And he may be right.

Until then, we have the current campaign to get. It is going to get nastier and dirtier than ever before. Maybe some issues will be addressed. But most of it will be on the assassination of character. Especially from the Democrats.

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