Tax Returns Matter

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Tax returns is going to be a major issue in this fall's election. Will it be about Mitt Romney's tax returns? Or will it be about the tax returns of everyone else in America?

The Democrat talking heads keep clamoring about Romney and his refusal to release his tax returns. Everybody knows Mitt Romney is a rich guy. His tax returns will reflect that. They will show that he is using the tax code legally. Like everyone else in America, including Democrats, Romney wants to pay the least amount in taxes. The Democrats are going to do everything they can to: through whatever tax returns Romney releases. They are going to do this in order to keep the subject changed from how the economy is currently doing. If were worried about Romney's tax returns, we can't focus on how poorly the economy is doing now and has been doing for the past four years. We can't continue to blame Bush anymore. The more we divert attention and thinking we need to question the character of Mitt Romney, the less time we have to do it to consider the character of the president and his policies. The policies have failed us. It's time for a change. If Democrats are still headstrong and thinking we should continue on this path of mediocrity and low expectations. The president wants us to think that success is something to be ashamed of. It's something we could not do on our own.

Does it matter if Romney has accounts and holdings in territories outside United States? If it is, this should be more of an indicator that there is something wrong with the tax code. And it isn't because the rates are too low. The Obama administration believes that there is a finite number of tax payers in America. And when only 53% of Americans are paying income taxes, they're perception is not inaccurate. And with the percentage of Americans who pay income taxes falling, the Obama administration feels a responsibility to squeeze more out of those can be and will pay. This is why the Obama administration favored a payroll tax cut for the past two years. This way, a tax break could be extended to those who don't pay taxes to form 1040. This tax break would be extended to everyone who is earning wages. What they aren't telling you is this any shortfall in the Social Security tax which is being cut is to be made up from the general fund. This places the additional burden on the 53% who are paying taxes and makes them look like they are not pay their fair share.… Along with the millionaires. I'd be in favor of paying higher taxes too if someone else would do all the paying.

With the implementation of Obamacare, taxes are going to be going up on somebody. With the expiration of the payroll tax cut, taxes are going up on workers. It's a Bush era tax cuts are allowed to expire, taxes be going up on you too. That's if you're one of the top 53% of Americans who pay income taxes.

Tax returns are going to be a main issue in the fall campaign. And it should be about the tax returns of you and me. Not just Mitt Romney's.

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