If you want to pay attention to an honest, candid, and insightful politician, listen to what Mayor Bloomberg of New York City is saying.  What city mayor has had more experience with gun violence than Bloomberg?  He is straight-forward enough to speak about guns without bowing to the pressure of gun nuts and those organizations and companies that make their living by defending guns and the aftermath of the tragedies related to gun proliferation.  The promotion of guns in our society is a symptom of a sick society.  Sick.

Read the Second Amendment.  If you think the correct interpretation of that is to guaranty the right for every American to own a gun, then you like to think in terms of the 18th century.  What person in their right mind would make that interpretation?  Sure, guns were common in the 1700s; they were used to hunt for food necessities, protect one from wild animals, and live in areas where there was no stable, organized police force.  The social structure was different in the 1700s, and almost everything else as well.  Our Founding Fathers gave the vote to only adult white males.  Women could not vote.  Slavery was legal, and sanctified by some of the Founding Fathers themselves.  Should the NRA defend that as well as guns?  The time-frame is vastly different.  Any society that allows attack weapons as legal is a sick society.  Sick.

Guns are not manly.  We often like to distort the history of the West and tie it to everybody having a gun.  Wrong!  The greatest hero in Western lore might be a sheriff who fought to limit or outlaw guns; these were real men.  Don't be so selective in choosing Hollywood movies to make your point about gun-toting men in the West.  Remember the real heroic lawmen of the West who walked through town without a sidearm.  But we have somehow hammered it into our psyche that guns make the man, that guns are for real men.  A case could be made that guns are for sissies.  Guns in 1776 and guns in 2012 are very-very different.  Sick.

Industrialized, western societies with the fewest guns per capita are the safest societies with the lowest murder rates per capita.  The U.S. has a horrible record regarding murder rates.  Sick.

I want to see the CEO of the National Rifle Association handle the litany at the funerals of the victims of the Aurora massacre.  I want to see him offer succor and sympathetic counsel to the families of the victims.  That would be a place for a real man, a man of understanding and personal suffering.  Where are the NRA leaders and the pseudo-men with guns today?  Sick.

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