Glaxo Smith has been fined three billion dollars for falsely advertising its products to customers for whom there is no help and actually could kill them.  Yes, this company had lavish parties and trips for physicians to convince them to sell their products [prescribe them] to children, though there was no licensure to sell them to younger patients.  In fact, some of the targeted audience could actually be severely harmed or even killed when using them.  This is but a tiny fraction of the abuses that are rising rapidly in the greed-filled universe of capitalism.

Free enterprise is wonderful.  Free enterprise helped build the fortunes and lifestyles of successful Western World nations and cultures.  That being stated, free enterprise has had to be penalized and held in check many times since the Industrial Revolution.  Child labor abuses, unfair labor practices, products harming or killing people, destruction of the environment, ad infinitum, have all been a mark of unbridled capitalism.

The favorite "line" of capitalistic supporters is always that free enterprise must be allowed to be free of restrictions and regulations because limiting corporations this way hurts the economy and causes the loss of jobs.  Baloney!  Free enterprise fluorished best when it is kept on an even keel of fairness, safety, equal opportunity for competition, lawful principles, etc.  Where capitalism has been unbridled, it has destroyed its own culture, its own economic system, and has been open to autocratic politics and amazing greed.

Successful capitalism does not equal freedom from regulation.  Capitalism fluorishes when it is encouraged or even forced to play on an even playing field.  Free enterprise means success is tied to fair competition.  Forced to compete, capitalism does its best job.  Free of regulation, capitalism results in fascism and abuse of the public.  

The worst of capitalism has been exposed in the Glaxo example, and also recently in warnings and restrictions of Barclay's, FOX, etc.  History has shown us many, many examples of what happens when we lift restrictions and regulations on capitalism.  Its greed consumes humanity, the world around us, pollutes, contaminates, poisons, child abuses, labor abuses, killing competition illegally, etc.

This capitalistic, illegal creep has found its way into our political system.  So spoiled and greedy have our corporations become that they want to simply purchase our government, control our elections, abuse our environment, and just take what they want, regardless of the consequences.  It has penetrated our court system, the ecological organizations and branches of government, elections, fair labor laws, political offices, the media, financial institutions, health care organizations, etc.  We are no longer free in a free enterprise system.  We have lost control and the beast is consuming us and the future of our children and grandchildren.  

I am an advocate for the free enterprise system.  But like any large and powerful organization or individual, it becomes abusive, a bully, and dangerous to every one of us.  We need to apply the brakes.

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