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Alamelu Vairavan, a Whitefish Bay resident, is an author and culinary instructor. Alamelu has a passion for educating the public about the use of spices and legumes in preparing healthy and tasty foods. She is also interested in educating the public about the growing research that points to the enormous health benefits of spices in preventing many diseases. Her mission is to enrich people's culinary experience and to inspire them to discover that cooking and sharing healthful foods can be an especially joyful experience.

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"Lousy Cooks" Label..How Sad?

When I read the “Food Section” of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel dated June 6, 2012, I was saddened and surprised to see what “Lousy Cooks: Class of 2012” were quoted as saying.

Here are some quotes followed by my own reaction (shown within parenthesis).  

What do you think?

  • “My 92 pound golden retriever won’t eat her food scraps unless they are takeout” (Oh, no!)
  • “One is afraid her grown children will never come home for holidays because the food will be better at the in-laws” (So sad)
  • “Her family got used to friends bringing dinner after an injury. Her daughter’s reaction to her recovery: “Oh no!”  (Sad indeed!)
  • “Recently “fried” pasta in the microwave” (How can we not read directions on the pkg?)
  • “Once threw lettuce in her clothes dryer in an attempt to dry it” (Must be kidding)
  •  “Would starve without prepackaged and frozen heat-and eat-foods”(No, not necessarily)
  •  "Never had a home-cooked meal because, gosh, it’s just so easy to pickup dinner every night, at the grocer’s deli”( No comment)
  • “People never ask me to bring food to social events. I just think, ‘thank God’.”(Discover the joy of cooking and sharing)
  • “We go out to eat a lot; my mom is a terrible cook. I really want a home-cooked meal for a change...please help..I am a 13 year-old-growing boy!” ( Come, I will teach you cooking)
  •  “Now as I’m getting older, I’m starting to hate trying even to learn” (Learning never ends. With a good positive attitude I say, yes, you can learn cooking and think about your health as you get older)
  •  “Cooking seems to take a lot of time” ( Don’t outer-makeovers like manicure, pedicure, facials, hair styling.. take a lot of  time?   Why not take some time for an inner- makeover such as nourishing yourself.  It is really worth your time and effort)
  • “Mother didn’t cook and can’t remember what she ate as a kid”( A sad way to grow up)
  •  “I would much rather be outside enjoying the weather than in the kitchen with ten ingredients, a recipe and a mess afterward.” (You are worth nourishing).
  • “I was almost setting myself up for failure” (With this mindset, it is very hard to succeed in anything)·    
  •  “Using soft soap on the Thanksgiving turkey to kill bacteria. The entire place smelled like chemicals.” (I can’t believe this)
  • “One year in high school, her mom bought half a cow for the freezer and told her daughter, “If you’re hungry, make yourself a steak” (OMG)

To all the so called  “lousy cooks”, I say, there is hope. Cooking is love. Cooking and sharing foods will enrich your life and health. Explore and learn cooking. Say, "I can become  a good cook"  and cook with confidence. You will see the joy you bring to yourself and to your loved ones!  Happy Cooking!!!

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