TIRED OF SELF-RIGHTeous judgmentalism

 Don't you wish the strutting fundamentalists would actually read the Bible?  All the posing, all the attention-getting, all the judgments, all the ignorance gets to be very-very tiresome.

Wouldn't it be nice if the immigration bigots would read the story of the Good Samaratan and see how this man from outside the realm, outside the citizenship of the "normal" people conducted himself and set an example for others.  Oh, that we could have such understanding for those outside our "normalcy."  What is truly odd is that those who judge immigrants are the descendants of immigrants themselves.  Of course the judgmentalists love to throw around self-righteous words like "legal" when someone arrives from outside their physical and mental "gated city."

Perhaps most of these judgmental right-wingers do not fully understand how self-condemning they are when they ask the question: whay would Jesus do?  What would Jesus do indeed.  How do you think the humble son of a carpenter would act toward those who are different from the majority?  Does the forgiving Jesus of Nazareth ever come to mind when you throw stones at gays or immigrants or tho poor or Moslems or peace-lovers, etc.  

Have you read what Jesus had to say directly and specifically about the rich and those who are greedy?

And about the lavishly robed clergy, what would the Jesus who overturned the money-tables in the temple have to say?  And the self-promotion of the mansion-loving ministers, how would Jesus have commented?  And about the churches hiding their wealth so not to be sued by victims of clergy sexual abuse?  What would He say?  What would He say about the nation that spends more on its military than just about the entire rest of the world combined?  What would He say about the people who condemn welfare expenditures?  What would He say about those whose greed allows them to build huge mountains of material wealth?  Yes, what would Jesus say?

What would He say about me, as I judge all those mentioned above?

Has humility left all of us?  Are we void of any compassion?  Is it now impossible to show empathy? Have we been called to serve those who are in need?  Is forgiveness not allowed anymore?  Are we OK to judge anyone who doesn't fit our self-styled lifestyle or set of beliefs?  Have our thought processes been overtaken by a greed and war mentality?

America, where is your soul? 

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