The tea party, the right-wing extremists, and now even the mainstream of the Republican Party have been using lies and distortion to "prove" their case.  It is unrelenting and vicious.  It is time, finally, to call them to account.  Let me use a historical American reference to pose a question to these right-wing groups, especially those greedy corporations and wealthy demagogues who pride themselves in making puppets and stooges of the mainstream in America...

After right-wing U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin used lies, distortion, and deviousness to ruin the lives of middle-of-the-road and liberal figures in the United States, he continued his charges about many people being Communists, Socialists, etc., until finally one person had enough and let him know.

Seated at a hearing in the Capitol where McCarthy hoped to make more charges and ruin more lives, the Chief Counsel for the Army-McCarthy hearings, Joseph Welch, was exasperated and had enough of these right-wing lies, and on May 17, 1954 directed this to McCarthy:

"...at long last, have you no sense of decency?"

It was a question and a cry from the masses of Americans who were tired of the lies, and though there were many who believed in Joseph McCarthy (and still do), the nation had finally had enough.  It marked the beginning of the end for the Wisconsin Senator.

In the current atmosphere that has been created by the right-wing in America, a barrage of lies and distortions have been aimed at President Barack Obama:

Obama is a Moslem............Obama is not a U.S. citizen..............Obama is a Communist...........Obama is a Socialist.........Obama is not a Christian........Obama caused our economic mess.................Obama is surrendering to the Moslems, etc.

It is time to act on all these distortions and ask the right-wing in America today:

"...at long last, have you no sense of decency?"

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