There are some things that are obvious as we in the Badger State enter into the Republican primary.  One of the most obvious things is that Romney will be the Republican Party nominee, unless some unforeseen, major development occurs. 

Rick Santorum is running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.  He is taking a route that Ronald Reagan took. 

Consider the presidential candidates who have come close to the nomination or actually obtained it.  There was Dukakis, Palin, Gingrich, McGovern, Reagan, Quayle, Bush #1, Bush #2, etc.  Really!  The United States of America is considered a leading world nation.  Is this the best we can do?  Romney?  Santorum?  What is lacking in the American intellect and insight?  These are terrible candidates.  We have been poorly served by inferior presidential candidates, and candidates who do not represent the people but represent corporate power groupings.  We are fast losing our democracy.  And nobody, including the media, seems to grasp that or care about it.  It is alarming and disgusting.

At least Barack Obama was a piece of refreshing intellect following the horridly dumb predecessor.  After that disaster from Texas, we had another intellectually dull former governor of that state step forward.  He almost forgot his own name in the debates and press conferences.  Really!?!

Anti-intellectualism has grabbed hold of our culture and political system.  Dumb-down is considered American.  Lack of insight is patriotic.  All this works wonderfully for the imperial war machine in this country.  Cut everything ......except the military budget!  Duh.

So, as we go to the polls, let us stop and reflect upon the level of candidates put forth.  Doesn't the greatest nation on earth deserve better?   

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