Published on: 3/14/2012

Far be it from me to judge anyone's claim to being a Christian, Moslem, Jew, or any organized belief system.  But it is worth pointing out that there is a very wide variance in what poses as Christian principles in politicians, especially presidential candidates.  Most politicians who proudly pound their "Christian" chests and announce to the world how pure, prinicipled, honest, and true to the foundation of their belief they are, seem to be a little off-base when one looks further at their actions and their strange pronouncements.

It is understandable that people may question the religious beliefs and actions of the President of the United States.  But even the most honest and objective person must acknowledge that there have been charges made about Barack Obama that have no basis in truth or actuality.  To question whether Obama is a Christian forces to the surface questions about such charges, and further, forces a comparison of beliefs with those leveling the charges.  There are many conflicting and strange manifiestations of this among the current crop of candidates challenging President Obama.  Consider...

Newt Gingrich announces that he is a Roman Catholic.  Well, he took a strange route to get there, if indeed he truly arrived.  Yes, he cheated many times on previous wives, even announcing a divorce intention to a wife on her hospital bed with a diagnosis of cancer just discovered.  He forced an impeachment of President Clinton, even as he was fooling around with young staffers in secret himself.  He was "brought" to the Catholic faith by his current wife, developing their brand of Catholicism in their adulterous affair.

Mitt Romney is openly critical of just about everything that President Obama does, including references to his faith and moral/ethical actions.  Romney is a Mormon.  That faith came kicking and screaming into any acknowledgement of equal rights in that Church for women, African-Americans, etc.  Only very recently has there been any movement toward recognizing equal human rights for blacks and women, who were given secondary roles in church policy at best.  But whether in the Church of Latter Day Saints or any of the Abraham-based faiths, telling the truth is considered a cornerstone.  Romney has lied over and over and over about his stance on his early version of Obamacare when Governor of Massachusetts.  Romney promotted for his form of health care reform nationwide, in writing and in speeches, yet he says he did not do that.  He has given a wide variety of statements about many of his political actions at various times in his background.  Mitt Romney is a liar, and his view of what constitutes the truth is "varied."

Rick Santorum loves to present himself as coming from a blue collar background.  Hmmm.  Blue collar?  His father was a psychologist with a very healthy income,and his mother was a nurse.  Rick was brought up in very "comfortable" surroundings.  The former Senator voted over and over for federal government increases in programs and juristictions, yet he now says he has always been against big government.  And all one has to do is read, listen, and view what Santorum preaches about the specifics of his faith and compare that to the most detailed words of Jesus quoted in the Holy Bible in His "Sermon on the Mount."  Any similarity to Santorum's hocus-pocus and greed, and that of the words of Jesus are purely and utterly accidental and camouflaged.  They do not equate.

I have no idea why journalists do not do their duty and question these guys on what they say and what is fact/truth.  They are, in a word, charlatans.  Call them on it.  And do the same with Obama or anyone else running for a key office in the United States.  We have tons of information and easy fact-checks on these candidates.  Will some professional journalist please stand up?