A Promise Kept

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Four years ago, candidate Barack Obama expressed his interest on how to make the United States self-sufficient for its energy needs. This includes sharp increases in the price of coal, which translates into high electric rates, and perhaps five dollar per gallon gasoline.

If you been to a gas station lately, you will see that this promise of high gas prices a promise that the president delivered on. The mainstream media and the Democrats are doing their best to ignore any stories about high gas prices. Four years ago, they blame President Bush for high gas prices that were taking too much of a bite out of the middle class and low income Americans. Now with Barack Obama in the White House, they are saying that there is nothing the president can do about the high prices. So, middle-class Americans, they up. The payroll tax cut is supposed to be providing 40 bucks a paycheck that can go directly into your gas tank. And if the president says that there is nothing he can do, there is nothing he will do.

The price for gas is doubled since President Obama took office. And if it doubles again before the end of his first term, you won't hear any complaints from his administration. The high prices are supposed to drive us towards the so-called green energy. Once for paying $5.30 a gallon, will finally be motivated to ride our bikes to work. Even in winter.

Even if the jobs numbers are being manipulated enough to show a trend in the right direction, the American economy has been horrible for four straight years. Yet we are being told that this is the best that we can do. No, it's only the best this administration will do.

The war in Afghanistan doesn't really matter. It is also being so ill managed, the rest of America will hope that it will go away also. Availability to contraception is not a subject that is going to determine how I will vote in November. Osama bin Laden being dead may be a fine accomplishment, but will that fund the retirement and health care for seniors in the long term? This year, like all years, the election is going to be determined by the state of the economy. Are you better off than you were four years ago? If you are, it is only because you invested in Solyndra or a similar company like this funded by the United States government and the taxpayers.

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