The old Republican Party is gone.  The Party formed in a little frame building in Ripon, Wisconsin is a thing of the past.  The progressive GOP of President Theodore Roosevelt is dead.  The party of President Abraham Lincoln that spoke out against slavery and advocated for equal rights for all is kaput.  The standard-bearers for the Republican Party ideals of William F. Buckley and Senator Robert Taft has been taken over by extreme, fringe, right-wing groups.  Civility left with the Old Guard of the Republican Party.

Today's spokespersons for "conservative causes" have moved farther and farther toward an American fascism.  Cloaked in ideals like freedom, they want to foist their government on women to be required to have this or that procedure done, with or without their permission.  The GOP of democratic government now wants a right-wing government [i.e. Bush-Cheney] that can concoct secret, favored, no bids necessary [l.e. Halliburton].  The Party that has become more and more militaristic and warlike to fill the pockets of war corporations, is often led by a draft-dodger many times over [Cheney] and a man who used his father to keep him out of Vietnam or from taking any orders from his military superiors [Bush].  The GOP that fought to keep us out of war, now stands at the forefront of assertive military adventurism in Iraq and elsewhere so the coffers of war corporations can be filled. 

And the respectability and civility that were characteristics of the Republican Party for over 100 years, have been replaced by the likes of calling one student an "idiot" [New Jersey Governor Christie] and another student a "slut" and "prostitute" [Rush Limbaugh].  Indeed, one of today's uncivil GOP leaders [Santorum] has called his GOP rival [Romney] a "liar" and other demeaning words and phrases.  Imagine these men who cannot control their temper or civility faced with the manifold confrontations facing the President of the United States.  That is a frightening thought.

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