It continues to amaze me that people still believe the posers in our society who brag about their sincerity, honesty, morality, and Christian values, and then secretly do the opposite.  And it is getting worse.  Look at the candidates vying to get the nomination of their party for President of the United States.  Phonies to the max, hoaxes personified, deceivers, liars, offering their double-standard judgments of their opponents.

Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, and was a leader in getting health care reform passed.  In fact, his form of health care reform parallels what is now dubbed Obamacare nationally.  People love Romneycare and every poll indicates strong support of it.  It works.  But Mitt Romney has to run away from it in order to have any chance of getting the Republican Party nomination.  The people vote for its popularity and success, but in the two-faced, double-standard atmosphere of partisan politics, the people be damned.  Who do the people think they are to expect their judgment to hold any weight?  We must criticize any program that does not continue to maximize and protect the profits of the health insurance and health care industries.  And so to win over the gullible public, a series of lies and distortions are concocted and given immense money support by the very industries that benefit from these lies and distortions.

The other guy, Santorum, is also into lies and deception.  But, Mister, does he strut his Christian principles!  In fact, Santorum presents himself as the "real" Christian, the genuine theologial conservative, the protector of the faith.  Huh?  Santorum criticized President Obama's bailout of the auto industry.  Even though it saved the American auto industry and protected at least one million jobs, Santorum said we should have simply allowed the auto industry to go bankrupt.  And then, on the eve of the Michigan primary, he personally pays for robotic phone calls to Michigan citizens, telling them that Romney was critical of the auto industry bailout and even if you are a Democrat, you should vote against Romney and for Santorum.  Remember, please, that Santorum himself was against the bailout.

The remarkable thing is that both these charlatans can face the public and continue with their charade as men of principle.  Romney and Santorum continue to act out without a shred of ACTUAL Christian behavior.  Listen to their unprincipled criticism of each other.  Listen to how they demean each other.  Listen to how they lie about each other.  And yet there is a possibility that there could be a Romney-Santorum ticket next November.  How could these men who continually stab each other, sit on the same president-vice president ticket?  Easy.  If one has no principles, anything is possible, even the impossible.

Yes, there are plenty of reasons to be critical of actions by President Obama.  But the last people to voice that criticism should be the likes of Romney or Santorum.  Whether Mormon or Pentecostal, Romney and Santorum are a disgrace to the principles that are the foundation of their organized faiths.

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