Liberals Want It Both Ways

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Lefties could not wait until enough time had passed to start filling out petitions to recall Governor Scott Walker. Public places were full of people just begging citizens and potential voters to sign the petitions. Then, when time came to submit them to the government accountability board, they proudly paraded them in caring the boxes on their heads.

Then, came the possibility that the petitions would be placed on the Internet as public documents. That caused a near panic for the Liberals. Now, all of a sudden all the lefties were going to be exposed. After months of parading around Madison pounding on drums, they wanted to remain anonymous. Stalkers would now have the names and addresses of potential victims. Well, this ought to be a lesson for all of those progressives out there- your actions have consequences.

These lefties will also be thinking that the supporters of Scott Walker will be engaging in the immature behavior that they have displayed.  But if these lefties had common sense, they would recognize that the people who voted for Scott Walker have more important things to do.  The supporters of Scott Walker voted once, and their vote should be counted. It Should not be declared null and void  as these lefties now want. Tax-and-spend Democrats don't want the recipients of government programs disenfranchised, but the votes of hard-working citizens can be canceled out as a result of their own selfish whims.

As the Democrat platform becomes revealed, we know one thing-it is going to involve tax increases. Yes, the Democrats think they are going to volunteer themselves to pay a little bit more so that the state can spend a lot more. But one thing is very apparent-.we are not going to spend our way to prosperity. And we will not tax ourselves back to the way things used to be. Like they were in the Doyle administration.

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