JFK's Young Mistress

A recently released book reveals the time 50 years ago when the President of the United States. John F. Kennedy, took a 19-year-old intern as his mistress.  He also took her virginity and lots more.  And she may not have been the only one.  And the former young mistress reveals a darker side of the President.

A-ha, scream the right-wingers.  Those are the morals of the left-wingers.  Huh?

First of all, JFK was not a left-winger.  In fact, JFK had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the civil rights movement.  He was a spoiled, young, privileged man.  And it showed in the bedroom as well as in his domestic and foreign policies.  But that is another story.

The list of right-wing politicians who had their immoral private lives revealed is overwhelming.  Have we forgotten the incident in the men's room of the Minneapolis airport?  Or the Republican Governor of South Carolina sneaking off for a tryst in Argentina?  And both men had been ciritical of Clinton for moral indiscretions.  Do you really have to be given a list to show the horrible sexual antics of right-wingers?  In fact, today's right-wing champion running for the Republican nomination for president, Newt Gingrich, also fooled around with young Washington staffers, and practiced adultery over and over, including with his current wife.  Right or left, conservative or liberal, all these acts are abhorrent.

The most pathetic misdirection of morality relates to former President Ronald Reagan.  I cannot use the word here that Reagan was called by Hollywood stars and starlets.  It refers to a private part of his body that was in frequent use inside and outside of marriage.  But there are plenty of historical references to Reagan's immoral life by biographers and actions of his children to be critical of him.   If you do not know about this, it is time you did some reading.

Which Presidents had mistresses?  We have no idea.  Things were kept secret.  But we know for sure that FDR had one, Ike had one.  And for those chest-pounders who think that our Founding Fathers were morality champions, may I refer you to President Thomas Jefferson who sired several children with a woman he literally owned, a woman slave.  In fact, all those "Christian" Founding Fathers that held slaves are also profoundly abhorrent.  While many "Christians" defended slavery, the fact that we only attribute it to things "as they were then" is abhorrent in the extreme.

Political party or political perspective have little to do with moral weakness and decision-making.  May I remind you of the currnent flood of immoral acts by Roman Catholic priests.  What causes it then?  Sin?  Labeling it "sin" is too easy.  Or is it our inability to predict what men in power will do in their private lives?  The answer is not as easy as liberal or conservative; there is an infinite line of sinners from both political perspectives.

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