Americans should take a close look at the recent Republican Party primary electioneering.  Have you ever seen anything so crude and low?  It matches the Vietnam "veterans" criticism of decorated Vietnam veteran John Kerry by the Republicans.  At that time it didn't matter if lies were told, history distorted, etc.  The same thing happened in the Romney-Gingrich hissy-fit.  It was crude to the max.

I won't only remember this in the presidential election, I shall remember it as a trend in Republican politics.  And while there is much to remember what was said by both Romney and Gingrich, what will stick in my mind are the tactics that were used and where all the money came from to pay for the ads.  It is not that big money has taken over our presidential elections, it is that big money has taken over our democracy and every facet of the United States of America.  You no longer count.  You are simply a country bumpkin who can be conned, manipulated, duped, and "puppetized."  You are seen as a stupid dude at a country carnival who can be made to believe anything yelled at a tent sideshow.  All that is needed is more money to repeat over and over and over the lies and distortions.  The more sideshow barkers, the better chance that you will buy some of the snake oil.

It does not stop at the election cycle.  Your environment has been bought.  Your climate has been purchased.  Your health care went up for sale long ago.  The American dream no longer exists for 99% of Americas.  Your kids have been subjected to war and greed capitalism and will not have the chances you had at improving your lot in life over that of the previous generation.  The promise of FDR has been eroded more and more by right-wing greed.  We have changed from a democracy to an oligarchy of the rich and greedy [with war as a tool to achieve the big money].

Look at the Florida primary.  Did you see and read what was said, and the way it was delivered?  Did you see any evidence of civility, decency, empathy, compassion, or democracy?  Those were greedy combatants who were willing to use any invective, any lie, any deception, any personal attack, and any money in order to get elected and represent the greed corporations and their demands.

We used to make movies that deplored that sort of action in politics.  Now it is the norm.  Everything was open to use except democratic principles.  How low can we go as a nation?  It is endless.  Greed is never satisfied.  As someone once said, "When it comes to the greedy farmer, he agrees to a 50-50 deal only if he gets the hyphen." 

We appear to be in an endless spiral downward.  Even civilization is being sold to the highest bidder.  America is not in decline, America has declined.  More and more it looks as though it is too late.

"I'm not greedy; I just want the land next to mine."

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