Sometimes the term "bottom-feeders" fits perfectly.  Look at the list of the sanctified GOP candidates devouring their political kinfolk in South Carolina.  And I thought it was about as low as one could get when John McCain and his followers trashed a decorated  Vietnam war hero, John Kerry.  I overlooked that dastardly lie in part because McCain was a prisoner in a North Vietnamese camp.  But it was low nevertheless.  But each of the new Republican vultures, snakes, and eels  truly feed off of each other, to say nothing of what they will do to our African-American President.  First the GOP sharks sharpen their teeth on lies, deceptions, misrepresentations, and mask-wearing.  Then they will turn to bigotry in the general election (they have already sunk to that, but they are distracted by telling lies about each other).

Romney pays 15% in taxes on his income.  How much do you pay in percentage?  Of course you work for your income.  Romney devours others.  His income diet is swallowing workers and those "lower" than he.  And Romney has to lie and deceive about leading the passage of a Massachusetts version of Obamacare.  The people in Massachusetts love the health care reform, but Romney must deny it, lie and bend in order to get his Party to accept him.  The first rule of GOP politics is to destroy the other guy.  What a strange take on what they call "patriotic" or "American." 

Then there is the guy who now struts his morality.  Snakey is his standard, and not only about cheating on his wives.  He uses his current flavor of religion to foster his politics.  He uses his latest wife, an adulterer herself, to bring the Holy Orders to Newt the Magnificent.  Newt, as the GOP Speaker of the House, had his own Party so angered by his behavior that they, themselves censored and fined him, a first in history.

And Rick the Righteous forgot to tell the voters that he got a special mortgage deal for doing the bidding of a "play for pay" businessman.

It goes on and on.  Read what Ron Paul has written.  Read what Rick Perry said and passed as Governor of Texas and now tries to hide from that action.

Look, folks, I have been disappointed with Barack Obama in many ways.  But the Republican line-up is extremely scuzzy, sleazy, and scary.

For goodness sake, open a book,  Read the objective periodicals.  Watch and listen to non-commercial TV and radio.  Know what you are doing.  You have a responsibility as a voter in this democracy that we are losing.  Help to save us!

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