Published on: 1/5/2012

It is quite clear that Ron Paul is a bigot.  The fact that he is accepted by so many Republicans is extremely alarming.  It is easy to prove Paul's bigotry; just read what he has said and written.  It is not a matter of debate, it is clear.

Ron Paul has some Nazi-like ideas about foreign policy, economics, equality, rights, etc.  Ron Paul has the support of the John Birch Society.  How far right does one have to go before the right-wing Republicans get disgusted?  Everything that sets this country apart from Nazism and fascism is absent in Ron Paul's idea of the world and America's place in it.  He writes that Israel should not be an idependent nation.  The government should stay out of everything that regulates corporations.  Only state government should interfere to guaranty the rights of Nazi-like activities.  Ron Paul is even to the right of some of today's neo-Nazis.

How about some references to prove all this?:

In his latest column, Ed Koch, elected as a Republican mayor of New York City writes:  "Ron Paul is the perfect candidate for the bigots in this country.  He is not like the racists who paraded in white sheets or the David Dukes who stated their allegiance to the ideas of Hitler...  No, he is the affable avuncular relative with a twinkle in his eye and voice that doesn't ever sound shrill, but more like that of your kindly and occasionally crotchety uncle.  He doesn't have to wear an armband or use a stretched arm salute, and you can be sure he regrets the revelation of the earlier writings in his newsletters."

Koch adds, "It is incredible that a Republican candidate for president in the year 2012, supported by white supremacists, Jew haters and gay bashers, is a front-runner in the upcoming Iowa caucus.  The U.S. did itself proud in 2008 by electing an African-American for president.  Our better angels prevailed four years ago in not allowing race to dominate our decision-making." 

John Stoehr writes in his 12/29/11 column: "Last week Reuters reported on a solicitation in the early 1990s that urged voters to subscribe to his newsletter, 'The Ron Paul Investment Letter' and 'The Ron Paul PoliticalReport.'  These promised to help protect assets and make money by revealing the 'coming race war,' the 'perverted, pagan playground of the powerful,' a'federal-homosexual cover-up,' and 'the plot for world government, world money and world central banking.'  "It's pretty much a sales pitch that hits all the high notes of white supremacy, homophobia, anti-Semitism and paranoia.  It's also pretty much how you define 'political shit-storm."

"CNN's Gloria Borger asked Paul to explain himself in an interview last week.  He said he didn't read the newsletters, didn't write them and disavows them.  She pressed further, noting that, well, your name is on them.  He answered by walking away."

"Paul and his ilk believe they are the Real Americans.  Just like Southern Confederates.  Conveniently, Southern politics dominated national politics from the Jefferson presidency until Lincoln's despite being in the minority in their own states (slaves outnumbered whites) and compared to the ever-growing North."

"According to Michael Lind, they were able to do this for a simple reason: If Southerners didn't get what they wanted, they'd breakup the union.  Which of course they did.  They might have thought themselves the Real Americans, but of importance was maintaining power, not the United States." 

Check these websites:

The Republican Party should be ashamed that it has not disowned Ron Paul.  The Republican Party is further made dirty and scummy by the likes of Newt Gingrich.  There is at least one thing that sets Mitt Romney apart from the field.  He is a Republican in the true sense of the word, when that political party stood for democratic ideas and ideals.  Today's GOP is a slime-covered reminder of Nazism and fascism.  The 20th century saw the distruction of communism, but we still have the other danger with us: Nazism and fascism [and their home in the U.S.].  The United States is being made sleazy by today's right-wing extremists, much in the image of Hitler and Mussolini.  Wake up!

More on the Republican Party and Ron Paul bigotry:  Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 29, 2011 "Racist Newsletter Timeline: What Ron Paul Has Said"  by Mark Trumbull   "Are Republican Front Runners Racist?"  Jan. 4, 2012 [staff writers]