1. That humans are not influencing climate change. 

2. Being gay is a decision made by individuals, not inherited at birth.

3. Christians are more moral and ethical than people of other faiths or atheists.

4. One-payer national health insurance would not be far less expensive in serving all Americans.

5. The U.S. was correct in invading Iraq.

6. It is OK for the U.S. to torture prisoners and terrorists.

7. The solution to correcting our economic malaise is to give corporations and businesses tax breaks and to lower taxes generally.

8. The most waste in the federal government is not in the military expenditures.

9. There is very little bigotry in American culture.

10. The Cuban embargo has been a good thing for the U.S.

11. Prisons are a good way to rehabilitate law-breakers.

12. Teaching sex education in school is a bad thing.

13. Right-wing political leaders are less immoral than left-wingers.

14. Our Founding Fathers were all Christians.

15. If you don't like the U.S., you should leave [including Native-Americans].

16. Chicago is called "the windy city" because of the wind.

17. Competitive health insurance companies are the best way to keep health costs low.

18. Global warming is a myth.

19. BP and Halliburton have told us the truth about the Gulf oil spill.

20. The best way for us to have enough fuel is to drill more and in more places.

21. You can trust Newt Gingrich.

22. We should get out of the UN.                                   

23. Voter fraud is widespread in Wisconsin.

24. Labor union leaders are as over-paid as corporate and financial CEOs.   

25. "Trickle-down" economics works.                                    

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