Every candidate representing right-wing positions is extremely cirtical of President Barack Obama.  Every pol who wants greed and selfishness to rule America, loves to nit-pick Barack Obama.  Every American fascist thinks the most important  --indeed, the only-- issue to be concerned with is getting Barack Obama out of the White House.  My conclusion to all of this: Wow, he must be doing something correctly!  The Republican Party as we knew it back in the day, is dead.  It has been replaced by the most selfish and greedy ideology in the history of the United States of America.

Wouldn't you right-wingers love to get some dirt on Obama, find some hankie-pankie like that of the likes of Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Ronald Reagan, and the rest of the faux moralists who have led from the extreme right-wing [and kept their trysts and adultery in the closet]?  Oh, if only that "socialist" black man could be found to have an immoral life like the rest of the politicians who have vied for the White House, some succeeding.  Pity the selfish/rich right-wingers!  They are stuck with an opponent who is moral!  The audacity of that Negro!

Not one president in the history of this nation ever attained 100% of his agenda.  Leave it to some minority guy in the White House to get very close.  But the media accommodates the right-wing and will carry through the entire upcoming campaign and nit-pick what he didn't accomplish.

Health care reform?  Wow, he must have accomplished that inasmuch as the right-wingers are forever finding fault with that legislation.  They love to call it Obamacare as they lie and twist the facts to make it look like the second coming of Nicolai Lenin.  To be objective, Obamacare falls far short of what it should have delivered: a one-payer system.  But he miraculously got as much as he did in the face of the most lie-infested right-wing onslaught.  Miraculous accomplishment.

He didn't get Gitmo closed, but he did get Osama bin Laden. 

He didn't wave his hand and stop the George W. Bush great recession.  But he prevented the major auto manufacturers from going bankrupt.

He didn't please everybody in the world, but he immensely improved our relations with our friends and allies; something that Bush had all but destroyed.

When the history of this period is written by scholars, it will show Barack Obama to have succeeded in many areas, against tremendous odds.  And the scheming, sinister, extreme right-wing will be seen as the ones who almost brought our democracy down along with our economy.  Had the right-wing been a little bit more open and intelligent, that past couple of years would have been much better for the United States and its citizens.  All the right-wing has to show is its negativity, its propensity to only say "NO!," its failure to cooperate, its total inability to show any compromising spirit, its lies, its distortions, it deviousness, its greed, its selfishness, its immorality, its handouts to the rich, its promotion of war-for-profit, ad infinitum.  Sadly, the widing chasm between rich and poor will be the major "accomplishment" of those from the right-wing. 

Nevertheless, President Barack Obama has accomplished much in the face of brutal and lie-filled attacks coming from the right-wing.   The list of right-wing candidates has been a list of immoral, strutting imposters.  Thank goodness for Mitt Romney's exception to this "leadership" on the right.  But it is Barack Obama who deserves to be heralded.  His strong family ties, his moral conduct, his genuine leadership against tremendous odds, his obvious exception to the right-wing competition, makes it all the more marvelous for it being done by the first African-American president in our nation's history.  We should stand tall for electing him.  We should be a proud nation.  Unfortunately, we shall always have the immoral, greedy, and bigoted politicians with us.  Let us celebrate the exception that Obama represents.  We finally have some morality in the White House.

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