Take your pick.  The list of men vying for the nomination of their party to run for President of the United States is full of swaggering buffoons, liars, adulterers, and all in the hip-pocket of some special interest groups or small list of very, very wealthy greed-mongers.

You can join a picket line of protestors.  You can sign a pledge.  You can write a letter to the editor.  You can chastise one group over another.  You can villify one political party, then put on your blinders and up-lift the other political party.

When you become that kind of puppet, that kind of sucker, that kind of rube, you find comfort in your own version of simplifying the process.  Meanwhile, the very group you are supporting is working against your own interests, picking your pocket, and having trysts with some staffer or loose woman in society  ..often behind the back of a loyal wife.

What we fail to recognize in all this is that we accept the low-level, the low-class, the immoral parade of men seeking to become President of the United States.  We close our eyes.  We refuse to read anything that is objective.  We feed our own ignorance by limiting our reading and viewing to those who toe our party line.  Having no idea how the wealthiest greed-mongers live and exist, we blindly support the efforts of these have's to take away from the have-not's.  And we stand there like stupid hayseeds and think we are above the average Joe and Jane.  We are truly the dummies.  We support causes that are in direct conflict with our own best interests.  We naively think we are standing among the righteous.  And, of course, this same list of aspiring candidates, this same group of democratic sell-outs, this same gaggle of immoral goofs, have the gall to parade in front of us as honest and moral leadership examples.   We are truly rubes.

It is increasingly doubtful that democracy can exist in this immoral and greedy environment.  But if the vast majority of American citizens buy the excrement offered by both parties, how can we hope for a nation that practices democracy?  One must be a total fool to think so.  Look in the mirror.  If you do not like what is happening to America then you will be looking at the person to blame.

Try something different for a change.  Read a book.  Read about the immoral and unethical lives of people like Dwight David Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, John Edwards, and on and on and on.  This is a disgusting list of people whose leadershiip and example we supported.  We make stupid choices as to whom we will exonerate and whom we will criticize...all the while not knowing a damn thing about the historical record of these men.

If you want better presidents and presidential candidates, be a better and more informed citizen.  And stop being duped, stop being a sucker, stop being a rube, stop being a hick, stop believing the religious and moral pronouncements made by a group of men who should be below holding the highest office in the United States of America.  Wake up, sucker!

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