Failure Is An Option

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We are now entering the time of year in which we must now seriously consider who the Republican nominee is going to be for the presidential election in 2012. The nomination field is set, and one must be chosen. On the Democrat side, they already know who they are nominee is going to be. There is no contest. But, we should ask, why?

The real question to ask is this :are you better off now than you were four years ago? In most cases,for most Americans, the answer is simple. The answer is no. We continue to drag along in a stagnant economy. After four years, the policies of the administration should be directing the direction of the economy. But wait, they are. The uncertainty of the tax code in tax rates along with an increase in the amount of regulations that are being forced upon businesses has been showing up in the growth rate of the economy. It is dismal at best. Government spending is out of control. This also has not translated into economic recovery and lower unemployment. The policies of the administration are doing exactly what they are intended to do. They are designed to take the risk out of economic uncertainty while at the same time believe that they are improving the health and welfare not only of the citizens of this country, but of the world.

Liberals and Progressives are letting the administration off the hook. They are giving President Obama a pass. They are allowing failure to be an option. Time and again the talking points remain the same. No one knew the extent of the financial crisis. It was too big a problem. Well, in the United States, we have traditionally elected presidents to solve our problems. Yet, this time we accept excuses. The talking points include the 750,000 jobs being lost each month. This was in January 2009 when president Obama assumed his office. Job loss at this rate had to come down. If it stayed at this level, everyone would be out of a job by now. Even in the depths of the Great Depression, 75% remained employed. Saying that things could be worse is of little consolation. How do you measure things that did not happen?

The stimulus bill wasted approximately 840 billion dollars of American taxpayer funds. What did we get for it? Some pretty poor excuses. Liberals, progressives, and Keynesian economists continue their talking points of saying that the stimulus was way too small. How much money should we have wasted? Again, the benefits were that it grew government and set us up for higher taxes in order to maintain the level of employment that the governments needed as prescribed by the stimulus. The American people were told that this bill with all its spending brought us back from the brink of a depression. Again, how do you measure something that did not happen?

The president along with his Democratic Congress and Democratic Senate did pass major reforms. The health care bill, the financial reform bill, and several others. But, with the midterm election swinging control of the House of Representatives to the Republican Party, president Obama can now only make excuses for why he cannot lead. It's the Republicans' fault. The president is now going to spend the next year in campaign mode. Will be campaigning against his do-nothing Congress. He believes Americans are going to buy it like they did in 1948. Well, we don't have a "give 'em hell, Harry" type of president. We have "play a round of golf, Barry."

President Obama has taken a hands-off approach to getting initiatives through Congress. His plans such as the ones for deficit reduction and reducing the long-term debt are not put into writing. When deadlines such as the solution for the super committee to propose an actual plan approached, the president did not make any phone calls to the members of the committee to influence anybody on what the best solution for the future of America would be. Then we wonder why we criticize the president for his lack of leadership. If the president had some good plans for the future of this country, they should be able to be pushed through Congress. He would be able to cruise to an easy reelection. Instead, he will have to rely on his mudslinging and character assassination techniques to make his opponent look worse than four more years of an Obama presidency. We can only wonder what America would've been like if the things promised to us in 2008 would've actually turned into prosperity. But you cannot measure things that do not happen.

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