Un-Occupy Everywhere

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What is happening with the occupying wall street protests? Recent reports have shown that municipalities across the country are interested in clearing the streets and parks of all the youngsters who started out by exercising their First Amendment rights.

It started out so ideologically. They were protesting the lopsidedness and  inequality of the pay scales in the United States. Not having jobs, they were making far less and corporate executives. And they wanted that changed. They wanted their student loans forgiven. They wanted donations from working people so they could camp out in taxpayer-funded parks.

They were supposed to be the opposite of the tea party. They were young, liberal, and they wanted handouts. They were looking for more entitlements. They were supposed to be the future of the Democratic Party. These young people were taken a break from living at home with their parents and camping out on the streets. Although they were supposed to be college graduates, they didn't have a job to go to. Then, the poor youngsters got mad when their laptops and iPads got stolen. This of course is in complete alignment with the liberalism that people like today-spreading the wealth around is great, but only when it's somebody else's.

They planned on being in protest mode all year. They were going to spend the winter in the parks. But there were a few things that they wanted overlooked. There was no plumbing, no showers, and certainly not enough garbage facilities. How could anything go wrong?

 With no coherent message, no leadership, and no goals, the movement will be coming to an end. The kids will be moving back with her parents. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, nothing accomplished. Perhaps our best hope is that the Democrats will continue to embrace them.

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