Calling All Recalls

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Nothing in moderation. But, will we ever get what we want? In Wisconsin, like the rest of the nation, we want better times. We want more economic opportunity. We want better results. We want a better economy. We want sunnier days. Is it too much to ask?

The past few years, we are being led to believe that government is the solution to all of our problems. If we only had more services! We could feed the poor, we could heal the sick, we could educate the children. If we only had lower taxes! We could keep more of our own money. We could spend more to stimulate the economy in our own way. We could save for our retirement. If we only had higher taxes! We would have better schools. The bridges could be replaced. The elderly could have a better retirement. We could have more and better teachers. We would be safer because of more policemen.

We don't seem to know what we want as a society. We thought we wanted one thing. We went to the polls and elected some people to take office for various positions. Now that they are there, they didn't do everything we expected them to do, so now it's time to kick them out. Next time, if we don't get better results, we'll throw those rascals out too.

Are we really thinking this recall process through? Are we aware of the cost to taxpayers? What about the opportunity cost that would put more teachers in the classroom? Why haven't liberals thought this through? They only know one thing-recall Scott Walker. What we should really become aware of, is that we will have to put up with months and months of negative advertising. How quickly have we forgotten the Senate campaigns?  Every commercial every 5 minutes was about how bad one candidate is and how lousy the other one has become. Which was which, I don't remember.

 I don't recall a governor in recent memory that has done anything that is remarkable. Wisconsin continues to be a high tax state. We continue to find fault with our public employees from politicians to policeman. and year after year, our problems continue to go unresolved. if you look back at the campaigns from 20 to 30 years ago, they all carry the same theme. They all try to offer some glimmer of hope. Yet they all seem to have failed.

Yes, the more things change the more they stay the same. so why are we seeking a change?


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