Can you imagine what would have happened if the sexual harrassment charges were leveled against Cain if he were a liberal or a Democrat!  The press destroyed several past Democrats who were running for president or lesser offices.  It is truly amazing how restrained the media has been about the current charges about Cain.  He has not only lied, he has had selective memory lapses.  I have no intention to lambast Cain.  I wish him well.

I would suggest that while you ruminate and ponder all the negative thoughts you have about JFK and past Democrats, you may want to do a little historical study about the most two-faced candidate for president in the 20th century: Ronald Reagan.  He cheated on his first wife.  He had a reputation as quite a stud among women, single or married.  He was a Democrat going nowhere, so he switched to the Republican Party and voila!, a political career in waiting.   He had fought for labor unions and then fought against them [he was the head of a large union himself]..  Many of the issues that Republicans and conservatives fought against were a part of Reagan's life before becoming a Republican.  Check out any search engine to find stories about Ronald Reagan's dual life and amazing switch in basic "beliefs."  His own children were repulsed by his phony persona.  Go to any search engine.

When you discover the real Ronald Reagan, ask yourself how the media could have been so tolerant and restrained about him.  There were thousands of stories about "The Gipper" that would have revealed the liar and deceiver with FACTS.  But the media gave him a pass.

Frankly, I am somewhat pleased when the media shows some restraint about the "dirt" in a candidate's personal life [as they are today with Herman Cain].  TV news and soap opera revelations have become too much of today's media.  The tabloid press approach is creeping into too much of today's news coverage.  It should be noted, however, that conservatives seem to get a pass and more restraint from the news outlets.  OK, let's move forward.

Here is one among thousands that show Ronald Reagan's lying, deceptive, low-aptitude real persona:

www.commondreams.org/views/031000-101.htm   "Ronald Reagan was many things, but most undeniably he was a pathological liar"  [and not a word in the media of the day]

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