One Year to Go

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As a political scientist, there is nothing I find more interesting than presidential politics. And in the subject of presidential politics, there is the continued fascination of the presidential election. Even though each presidential election is historic in nature, what a person has to do to become president becomes more and more questionable. What we do to our candidates is even more disturbing. Especially if you're the opposition.

As one may have gathered, I am not enthusiastic about reelecting President Barrack Obama. Ad his policies are wrong for America. The amount of money spent by the US government during his administration is alarming but what makes it even more outrages is the lack of results produced. Obama assumed the presidency with full knowledge that the country was in a financial crisis. Yet he continually shows that he is in over his head when it comes to the way the solution has been approached. The president has continued to make excuses for the lack of results. It was the Republicans, the tsunami, an earthquake, a snowstorm, the Arab spring, an early fall, the list goes on. He has forgotten one thing-leaders become great leaders by overcoming their obstacles. We don't get great leaders with great excuses.

The Republicans are not offering a great deal as an alternative either. There are a bunch of goofy tax ideas that won't be producing enough revenue to slow down the acceleration of the national debt either. I don't think there is anybody who believes that spending will be reduced either. Somehow, spending on social programs and entitlements is increased by 25% and cutting back on on any of it has people in an uproar.

The debates are a sham also. They have turned into a media circus. The lefty news organizations are sponsoring them only to give the headliners and opportunity to take potshots at each other and then give a 1 min. rebuttal. Then the sound bites from the arguing is what gets played again and again. Then a year from now were supposed to believe that we are picking the leader of the free world?

During a time of economic crisis, it seems ridiculous to be spending 1 1/2 billion dollars on campaigns that are going to be focused on character assassination. Where the bleeding heart liberals when it comes to redirecting this money to helping the poor and less fortunate? Think of how many cops it would put on the street. Think of how many teachers it would put in the classroom. Think of how many roads could be replaced of this crumbling infrastructure across America. Yet all this money is going to be spent on electing people were going to waste more taxpayer dollars. Wasting money on these campaigns is somehow better than letting people who have earned it keep it.

In two short months, the campaign will be in full swing. There is a race to see who can be the first to vote. Why? Whatever happens, someone is going to have buyers remorse.

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