Actions of Desperation

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The past couple of weeks, there has been more action by the president trying to revive the economy than there has been in the past three years. Logically, this is because the campaign for 2012 has begun.

Armed with some fresh talking points, the Democrats are now saying that without the opposition from the Republicans, we can look at all the accomplishments that  President Obama has had in the area of foreign affairs. Yet, I still find it mildly ironic that the winner of a Nobel peace prize is taking credit for assassinating evil leaders in the world.

However, it will still be the American economy that will determine the outcome of the 2012 election. And yes, the Republicans can still screw it up. Most of us will agree that the economy has been getting worse. Even more will agree that it has not really been improving. Three years ago, Obama was elected because of his slogan" yes we can!" Earlier in the year, Obama came out with a really stupid slogan-win the future. Fortunately, somebody pointed out to him that that was a really stupid slogan. But now, we're going to be bombarded with the slogan  "we can't wait." Again, irony surrounds this, too. In 2009, newly inaugurated President Obama was making fun about mopping up the mess left by George Bush. He would laugh and laugh joking that people were criticizing him for not mopping fast enough. Then he would make a crack about a socialist mop. We weren't laughing then, and were not laughing now.

This is serious business. This is our lives. Yet were supposed to wait around for the economy to revive itself when we have a president whose has done more to slow its growth and recovery than any other president in modern history. This includes Herbert Hoover. There are not enough members of Al Qaeda to be killed on a daily basis that will have the lasting power and admiration of a weary electorate in a bad economy. Remember that slogan from 20 years ago? It's the economy, stupid.

After three years, this administration has finally discovered that the economy is in need of some policies that will help spur its growth. It needs lasting growth or will be in the same mess in another year. We don't need more Keynesian economics. This is the same mess that was tried two years ago. Remember when all of that stimulus money was supposed to spur the economy? Instead, it went to state and local governments to fill the deficits they were experiencing. And when the money ran out, the government jobs went with it. The Obama administration is solely focused on government jobs so they are taking this opportunity to borrow and spend more government money for short-term fixes to rehire teachers and police officers for one year. Then next year, it'll be the same thing all over again. Does anyone else see this as a cycle?

It may be better late than never to start doing something for the economy. Three years of stagnant growth has been long enough. We now know what it's like to live through an economic crisis just like those generations before us who suffered through the Great Depression. they eventually saw an and to their economic crisis. when will we see the end of this one? After we elect a new president.

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