In a plot line that only the most bigoted among us could ever concoct, the notorious Koch Brothers, the rich, right-wing Neanderthals, have purchased a slave in the year 2011.  Herman Cain, a black Republican, is being financed by the Brothers Grim.  They are clear in the ironic twist they are proposing.

Long considered extremists, and sometimes considered bigots, and also known for their Middle Ages perspective on workers, the poor, the middle class, etc., they have taken on a heretofore relative unknown black man, and digging into their bottomless pit of money, they have helped to thrust him into the GOP presidential mix.  Why?  Well, I suppose their distorted thinking has them certain that no one could call them bigots if they supported a black candidate.  Imagine a mind that thinks that way!

Mitt Romney does not measure "up" to the low class of the Koch Brothers.  He has too much class.  I guess the devil was not available for this presidential election cycle.  But they had to stop Romney.  When Rick Perry embarrassed everybody including himself in the debates, the Koch Brothers went nto their cave and came up with this black candidate idea.  Could the Koch money be great enough to create a stalemate between Romney and Cain?  Would this mean that then a "compromise" candidate would have to be chosen, a person closer to the devious, hatchet-man mentality of the Kochs?  Heh-heh.  Talk about a Halloween tactic!  Heh-heh.

Stayed tuned.  This is only the beginning.  Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of the Kochs?

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