Class Warfare Takes Hold

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Not being able to run on his record, President Obama is proposing a stimulus bill to be paid for by the richest 1% in America. That's what he wants us to believe, anyway.

After three years of failed policy, the current administration wants to waste another half trillion dollars .the good news is- it's going to be paid for by taxes will be paid by a bunch of faceless millionaires. Conservatives are painting millionaires as businesspeople who go out and work every day trying to expand their businesses and when the time is right, will do some hiring. They call them job creators. Democrats see millionaires as a bunch of greedy people who get their money because there are a bunch of dumb people who are somehow handing it over to them. Although, I find this true when I think about the millionaires who are in professional sports, movie making, and recording artists. I don't see them creating a lot of jobs-tax them.

Earlier this week, there has become the new movement called occupy Wall Street. This is where a bunch of young radicals decide that they want more money and all the things that the people who have it, and it worked for it, but they need to hand it over to them. I don't think anybody is looking for the logic in this.

I remember when I was a young radical. I, too thought, that I should have the same things that people who come from rich families have. What makes them better than me? Nothing. Although, I did not write a cardboard sign with the word  "greed" on it, and walk around the street for an hour and a half, you know what happened? Nothing. Nobody came to the rescue. Once I realize that no one would come to my rescue, I decided that it was up to me if I was ever going to amount to anything in life. The government did not give me a handout.

The problem with these protesters today, is that they want good results of the people who have worked for things without putting forth an equal amount of effort. I just doesn't work. If they were to put forth the same effort that they are putting into their protests and use it to learn some skills that are marketable in today's economy, they would be receiving the benefits they have earned. They don't want to do this because  rewards  are often disguised as hard work. Complaining is effortless.

The easiest thing to do in the world is find fault with things. I know because every time I sit down to write a column, it is easy to find fault with the political structure in our country today. I do not suffer from writer's block. I also don't have to type it out. I speak into a microphone and watch the words appear on your computer monitor. It sure is easy to find fault with things and not have  any responsibility to make them better. Complaining is so easy. I guess that's why everybody does it. Yet few people will put forth the effort to make their lives better. Even if it's re-channeling the same energy.

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