It is interesting to read and see all the short-sighted, little, cute observations about politics and history.  Over 99% of people commenting on the state of affairs nationally and internationally have no idea about how we came to be where we are today.  Muddled in the middle of the right and the left, we are clueless.

In the 20th century, two opposing and very strong forces came to loggerheads and fought World War II.  On the left were those who supported equality, desired or forced on them by totalitarian governments.  They were represented politically as communists and socialists.  Communism won out over more tolerant socialism because one of the powers of the world, the Soviet Union, adopted the more extreme. 

On the right were the capitalism proponents.  They ranged from moderates to far right-wingers.  They found their biggest homeland in the United States of America.  They used words such as freedom, free enterprise, free markets, etc.  They wanted government out of the way so business could fluorish.

The far left found their philosophy of communism and socialism in the writings of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.  Of course, like all over-simplified political philosophies, no nation truly represented the purity of Marx and Engels.

The far right had no singular philosophical author or leader.  They enjoyed the "freedom" from such regimentation and conformity.  They were interested in profits.

The two came to head-butting when worker's rights began to express itself, and thus the huge industries were forced to temper their abuse of labor and especially children.  Labor unions were new and began to succeed.  Labor unions found themselves to be developing a populist support and even right-wingers used the term "labor" and "unions" in their political statements.  Hitler was famous for cloaking his extreme right-wing movement in words such as "workers" or "socialism" or "unions."  The battle was on.

Huge banking and industrial corporations were up against it.  Socialism and communism were growing in power.  They were using populist support from the masses and they began to vote in a block.  On the other hand, the right-wing corporations and financial institutions had the money.  An international war was inevitable.

The biggest corporations and banks in the world gave Hitler and the Nazis, and Mussolini and the fascists,  financial support early in their development.  It is doubtful that Hitler and Mussolini would have had any chance of attaining power without the support of huge corporations and banks. 

In America, Henry Ford began to trumpet the wonders of Adolf Hitler in his Dearborn Independent newspaper.  Millions of dollars were poured in the fledgling Nazi Party from Ford, Du Pont, etc.  The internaitonal banks were meeting regularly in Switzerland and funded Hitler very early.  He was to be the savior of capitalism against the growing masses of people who were evolving with communism and socialism as their political belief system to grab some of the power for the average citizen.

Of course there was nothing pure about either side.  Political philosophies were bent and forged to suit the people who had grabbed power [Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, etc.].  German and Italian industry profited greatly from the huge build-up of military hardware for the inevitable battle that was ahead.  War for profits became common.

You know the outcome of that battle.  But what you do not know clearly and in total is that it was communism that was ultimately defeated, not right-wing capitalism.  Of the two great political groupings of the 20th century, left-wing communism-socialism on one hand, and right-wing free enterprise-capitalism on the other, it was the right-wing capitalism that prevailed.  And since the fall of Nazism and communism, the right-wing has forged its own residue from the ashes of World War II.  In America especially, the movement has gone farther and farther to the right.  And labor and the common man have lost more and more.

What exists in Washington, D.C. today is a residue of that battle.  And the right continues to win.  Capitalism in the U.S. has become more and more free of regulation, free to pay lower wages,  free from taxes that other industrialized nations require, free to offer less benefits, free to move to whichever area gives them what their selfishness and greed desire, free to lie and deceive on financial matters and have the common people's tax money used to bail them out, free to create wars that require industry's hardware and supplies, ad infinitum.  And they get off free when things fail.  The average person pays for the mistakes of big business.

This is what it is all about.  You have been duped into thinking that there is a political party in the U.S. that represents the common man and woman.  A tiny percentage of people and money control both parties.  Influence is at the financial and greedy top.   You are losing the American dream, and you are supporting the very people who are taking it away from you.

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