Is It Time for Chris Christie?

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After weeks of saying he will not run for president, after answering the question hundreds of times with what I thought was a solid "no", America awaits a decision by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Chris Christie has said that he will is not ready to be president. I thought that was a wise decision, because he needs to develop a track record of success and accomplishment in order to be elected in good faith by the American people.  But,  if you ask what we did four years ago, we elected a president whose only qualification and experience was that he was running for president of the United States. How did that work out? We got a uniter who is more divisive, and a solutions person who can't solve economic problems. It looks like the bar has clearly been lowered.

It has been exhaustively reported that many Republicans are not satisfied with the slate of candidates who are currently in the race. People did not like Romney because he comes across as the candidate who has waited his turn. Nominees like Bob Dole and John McCain have been candidates who have been nominated through the it's my turn process. It turned out to be a disaster. Rick Perry entered the race and quickly went to the top of the polls. After a couple of debates, he did not turn out to be the darling of the Republican Party that people were hoping for. Newt Gingrich has good ideas and great experience, but he also brings with them a lot of personal baggage. Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum don't seem to be getting the support they need to get momentum towards the nomination. Michele Bachmann turned out to be a gaffe machine.

Enter Chris Christie. H too, is the great hope for the Republican Party. But, is America ready for a straight talking person from New Jersey? The country is clearly yearning for leadership. It is been a long time since we've had strong presidential leadership. At least one term. Chris Christie seems able to provide strong leadership. He was able to balance a budget in his state that had a large deficit while taking on strong public unions. Something trite here in Wisconsin, but not viewed as successful.

But, I think the real reason that the media wants Chris Christie to enter the race is for the comedic value. Romney and Perry are not providing enough comedy for commentators to take stabs at. The media wants to take shots at Chris Christie. Apparently, it is politically correct to poke fun at fat people. Commentators on MSNBC are already taking their best shot. Even though it's not funny, they don't seem to be deterred. Chris Christie would be our largest presidents since Taft and in 100 years, what do we know about Taft? There is the bathtub incident, the horse, and, and not too much else.

If Christie enters the race, the comparisons would look like a Laurel and Hardy skit. Can we afford to reduce the race for presidency to something like this? If it's politically correct to make fun of Chris Christie for what he is, why can't we do the same for other candidates? Do we want to stoop that low? Apparently the Democrats do.

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