Obama's Economic Plan is Working

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We are now three years into the Obama presidency. Is it too early to start looking for results on his economic policies? The results are so disturbing that even the liberal media outlets cannot sufficiently spin them into praise for their anointed one.

So what numbers are on the increase? Well, for openers, the gas price is roughly double what it was in January 2009. Electricity and natural gas are not at bargain prices either. Unemployment is up. The Democrat talking points continue saying that Obama inherited job losses at the rate of 850,000 per month. It's time to stop making excuses. The unemployment rate has not been below 9% for more than two months of the past 28. Also out is deficit spending. For three years, the United States has incurred  $1.5 trillion annually in deficit spending. Yet the president has not signed one annual budget since taking office.

Also up is the number of people in poverty. 15% of Americans are now living in poverty. Unbelievable. Redistributing wealth has not worked. Passing universal healthcare has not yielded positive results. Business owners still lacked the certainty they need in order to invest and create the wealth that will create the jobs in this country. It's too bad the administration does not understand this. For someone who regards himself as the smartest person in the room, whatever room he is in, yet the president has absolutely no knowledge on how macro economics works. And everyone in the country is suffering as a result. Reducing wealth and taxing the rich has not fed the poor.

Warren Buffett is not a role model either. If he complains that he is not paying enough taxes, why doesn't he just write a check to the United States treasury? Just like the liberals and progressives, he is only paying the minimum. There was a recent story in which Buffett ordered $1 billion in back taxes. Is he cutting a check for this? Of course not. At best, he is going to pay up over a series of years.

If Warren Buffett wants the United States government to share in his prosperity, why did he wait till he accumulated over $50 billion to do so? He didn't make the government a 50-50 partner. Why doesn't he turn over several billion dollars to the United States government just out of the kindness of his heart? He would see how far it goes. Not very far. And why isn't his favorite charity the United States government? Instead of donating his fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, he should simply walk his talk-and let the government take all that he has worked for. Then he may have some credibility. Why don't the liberals view him as a greedy capitalist? The share price of Berkshire Hathaway is so high that the common people cannot buy a share of his prosperity. Where are the protesters of greed?

This country is clearly headed in the wrong direction. And the people we are looking toward to help us lead back to prosperity are also clueless. Unless the plan is to destroy the wealth of everyone, and get everybody dependent on the government from cradle to grave, it's not working. The history of mankind should show us that we are continuing to strive for greater prosperity and more knowledge. Why do we insist on accepting the wrong answers hoping that all of a sudden things will turn out right?

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