Barry's EPA Surprise

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Last week, President Barack Obama announced that he would be delaying implementation of several EPA regulations. This came as quite a surprise to me because I thought part of the whole agenda of the progressives and liberals in this country was to make sure that now would be the time that the earth began to heal. Now would be the time that the oceans stopped rising. Now would be the time that the air got cleaner. This becomes necessary because all progressives and liberals know that business owners and job creators will cut every corner to maximize their profits and pollute to the fullest extent of the law. That's why we have laws.

I feel the promise of the president pulling away from me is hoping to change that we voted for in 2008 is now going to seem a little more distant. I remember his campaign speeches on why we need health care reform. I remember then candidate Obama painting a very vivid picture of what could happen in America in the near future: because of the poor are standards, a child could get asthma. Then, what really makes this worse, is that the parents of the child may not have health insurance because their parents may have worked at a company like General Electric and would not move to China to keep their job. Therefore, they would be out of health insurance through no fault of their own. Not having insurance, the child would then have to go to the emergency room. Then, the doctor would give the child a breathalyzer and find out that the child could be cured with inhalants. But the doctor, being influenced by capitalism, but not prescribed the needed inhalants, but would give the child a tonsillectomy because the Medicare reimbursement would give the doctor more money for the tonsillectomy rather than simply prescribing inhalants. This unfortunate scene will continue until 2014 when Obamacare finally gets implemented if it doesn't get declared unconstitutional.

And now, if there are any readers out there who believe I might be minimizing or satirizing this scenario, I will include a couple of links that will back up my facts.

Backing up the Facts

Don't Put Your Books Away

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