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President Obama has claimed more than once that he will not rest of unemployment begins to improve. Yet while unemployment “remains a challenge” and the rest of the economy stays sluggish, the president took a nine-day vacation. Yes, there will be many who will jump to his defense saying that everyone needs a vacation, and that is not the point. This vacation merely reflects the recent direction of the Obama administration; lack of leadership. No one is at the wheel.

Before Hurricane Irene dominated the news, people remembered that the economy is still a concern for many Americans. The way the administration is now dealing with the is to use a series of excuses. Bad weather, floods, drought, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, blizzards, and so forth, have been the real culprits in slowing down an otherwise robust economy. Does anyone actually believe this? We have experienced all of these factors in just about any given year and it has not caused complete national chaos as a single factor.

Without urgency, the president is going to repeal his new jobs plan sometime after Labor Day. No hurry. And as a final statement, President Obama will declare that if his plan is not passed by the Congress, he will be basing his lean against a do-nothing Congress ala Harry Truman 1948. The president will also be seeking reelection with any unemployment rate above 8% ala Franklin Roosevelt 1936. It looks like we're headed for an historic election. The president better be careful or he will get thrown out of office ala Jimmy Carter 1980.

Also expected in this new jobs plan is more stimulus spending. This comes at a time when there is absolutely no mandate and little support for more stimulus spending. The last one failed, so why have more of the same? Apparently the administration believes America needs a bigger failure. That would explain why this plan has no urgency-it's going to be another flop. It's all be administration knows is Keynesian demand cycle economics. All of President Obama's advisers came from university settings who taught Keynesian economics. Most have resigned and went back to teaching economics. Hopefully none of their students will ask the question if Keynesian economics has brought us so of every recession, why did it not work now? America should ask that question.

Well, the spin doctors will be searching for every valid excuse that the American public will buy a why the economic policies of this country are not working, have not worked, and why we're getting more of the same. Then, after a few months, we will be in full campaign mode and then it's on to the negativity.

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