Piling on Perry

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Soon after Texas Governor Rick Perry entered the presidential race, the mainstream media seized their opportunity to see what could be done to discredit him. His faith makes him evil and his success made him a failure. His job creation has made him a bum.

A few weeks ago, Texas had the best job creation record in the nation. That record has now been turned upside down. The number of jobs has become irrelevant, because they do not pay an excessive union wage. Some of those jobs have been in retail. So now we can conclude that all the big paying jobs in Texas are now at Wal-Mart and McDonald's. Oh yes, there has also been a lot of jobs created in the energy sector. But that's not to Rick Perry's credit, the oil in Texas just happened to be there. And jobs just automatically go to where the oil is. Just like they did last year when it was reported that there is some oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Oh wait, those jobs got taken away because of the regulations of the Obama administration. That was better for America.

A lot of jobs in Texas were created because of the stimulus passed by President Obama. Wasn't that what was supposed to happen? Wasn't that trillion dollar stimulus bill supposed to create or save jobs here in America? Texas is still part of the United States, isn't it?

Liberals and progressives are dissatisfied with the job results because some of the jobs might be lower paying. Even close to minimum wage. I don't understand this dissatisfaction because every few years liberals and progressives try to increase the minimum wage so that it will be a living wage. So if we increase the minimum wage of a few more dollars per hour, the problem will be resolved. I understand this is different from how the Democrats think you're in Wisconsin. Appear, people are above working in low-wage jobs and would rather sit and collect unemployment benefits instead of working at lower wage jobs. That way, the unemployment benefits received by the nonworking people will help stimulate the economy by creating demand where they can call to Wal-Mart and McDonald's and spend their money. As long as somebody else does the work there.

Yes, dissecting the record of any candidate running for president comes with the territory. But the bad news is, it's going to get worse. Because the president does not have an economic record of success to run on, he has to mudslinging and do character assassinations of any and all opponents. Maybe that will make America great again. Hope and change did not work out.

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