Barry's Bus Tour

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By now, we've all heard of the Magical Misery Tour. President Obama is touring the Midwest telling Americans to buy American made products on a brand-new million-dollar bus purchased from Canada.

Evidently, President Obama was not getting enough attention from the people in Iowa, because they were too preoccupied with their straw poll. So, in true Obama fashion, the president set out to see if he could garnish as much attention as Michele Bachmann was getting. He turned it into a multi state tour to visit places where unemployment was lower than the national average and the audience would be favorable. That explains why it was such a short tour.

As the economy continues to slow down, and unemployment is showing signs of creeping up, what does the president do? He takes a vacation to Martha's Vineyard. It is one of the most exclusive places to vacation in the United States. Maybe the president can ask all the people there to pay more taxes. Perhaps it would help solve the debt and budget crisis the United States is now facing. Yet it is more important to President Obama to demonstrate his lack of leadership to the country.

The president has said that he does not want to call Congress back into session from their recess because the last thing the country needs is more arguing. This too, shows lack of leadership because the president does not have the ability to steer the conversation and control the debate of how Congress does its business. When things are beyond your control, it's not debate, it's arguing. So his statement makes sense.

As the economy continues to worsen, the president announces that he has a plan on how to create jobs and finally get the economy growing again. Yet, this plan is so special, it has to wait until September. So all the people who are unemployed, can also enjoy their time away from work just like the president. Only for the unemployed, a Martha's Vineyard vacation may not be feasible.

After two and half years, the Obama administration is finally turning its attention to the economy. The only bad thing is, no one in the Obama administration knows how to get the economy working. The demand-side Keynesian economic plan has failed with every attempt. But because they are out of ideas, we're going to get more of the same. Their plan for economic growth is more taxes, more regulation, and more government spending. With more people out of work, more spending will be needed so that they can transfer the payments to the unemployed who they believe will turn around and spend it creating the demand that the economy needs. Yes, they actually believe that.

Investors, fiscal conservatives, and business owners have claimed that they are not expanding their businesses or hiring more people because of the uncertainty of the policies from this administration. One thing they can be certain of, absolutely nothing will be done by the federal government before Labor Day that would even begin to fix the problems that we have with the economy. That may be the only thing we can be certain of.

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