Organized Labor's Lies Didn't Work

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More than $31 million was spent on the recall elections here in Wisconsin. That doesn't count the states portion of what they have to kick in to run the polls the day of the election. And what's the result? The Democrats did not regain control of the state Senate.

I don't have to tell you how much we have been bombarded with advertising both through television and radio and direct mail. Most voters have made up their minds by the time the elections were announced. So all of the mudslinging and character assassinating did not change many minds. If any.

The Sandy Pasch and Alberta Darling race was especially interesting. Of course, most of it was because it is the local race. The Democrats thought they had this locked up. They threw everything into this race. The Darling campaign took this challenge seriously. There was a lot at stake. Would Wisconsin continue on its path to financial responsibility or would we return to the days of expanding government and expanding social programs to get more people dependent on government?

The whole recall mess is based upon a law that was passed and in collective bargaining for state employees. Yet no one brought out this issue. Instead it became about things like Medicare? I'm still trying to figure out how a state senator is going to end Medicare for seniors. Sandy Pasch came out with an ad saying that she is not going to have any lies or scare tactics. Then she starts in with the scare tactics that makes the other portion of her statement untrue. And what about that victory party? When the early returns were coming in, she was ahead. Then, by the time it became clear that she was not going to be victorious, she disappeared. She did not even speak to her supporters. What kind of character does that demonstrate? It illustrates to the eighth District that there are enough voters who are able to go to the polls and maintain sanity for this district.

After next week, it's time to put these recall efforts to an end. Elections have consequences. But we elect people for the full term, and we should not keep trying to turn them out. All of us have suffered through the consequences of the incumbents that we did not vote for nor do we agree with. Next year we should be focusing on who we are going to elect for president. I hope we don't waste it with a bunch of mudslinging and character assassinating towards the recall of the governor.

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