Is Barry Blameless?

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When the debt deal was completed and signed into law on August 2, the dumb dumb citizens of the United States were assured by the president that crisis would be averted. So what happened? The United States lost its AAA rating. The stock market dropped 1100 points over three sessions. After almost 3 years of age poor economy that does not seem to be getting better, it gets worse.

As in just about any national crisis, people turn to their president for leadership. But those looking for leadership are coming back empty. The president does not provide the confidence to the American people that we can overcome our problems in a convincing way. He may from time to time read the words off his Teleprompter, but that's it. The assurance is empty.

President Obama seems to have many scapegoats. It's earthquakes, it's tsunamis, it's high oil prices, it's unrest in the Middle East which he supported last March. It's the Republicans in the tea party that have caused all of this now. Let's add a new cliché to our repertoire; the tea party downgrade. And what's his solution? Higher taxes of course. Apparently fiscally conservative people have been turning a blind eye to the administration's assumption that we are one tax hike away from prosperity.

Yes, President Obama can't wait to get on the campaign trail so he can point fingers and blame everybody else for his failings. His policies are what is failing America. He took a recession and prolonged it. He has absolutely no understanding of how economics works. That's why his stimulus plan was such a failure. It wasn't that it was too small, the money just went to the wrong hands. It was the Democrat Wish List and had no chance of getting the money into the economy in which the multiplier effects would've taken place and started the nation back on the path to growth. Instead, Obama blames the headwinds that are striking the economy. Apparently he has not heard that it is the direction of the sail and not the gale that will steer the ship in the direction that we need to go.

Just about every day in which there is a tough situation, President Obama proves that he is in over his head. What happened to his focus on jobs? How many jobs as a creating only shaking down rich people, the ones he almost daily vilifies, at a fundraiser? The answer is; more jobs than he is created while in the Oval Office. Even at the fundraisers, Obama admits that the change people voted for is not going to come in his term. So why should we elect him again? Isn't the country in bad enough shape now?

When President Obama comes out and makes a speech, it's difficult to feel inspired. It's even more difficult to try to believe the rhetoric that is being repeated again and again. Obama says he needs to focus on jobs. So why doesn't he? I don't think he could look America straight in the eye and answer that one question. No, he won't look you in the eye unless you have teleprompters instead of your spectacles.

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