What Happens Wednesday?

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What is going to be the net effect after these recall elections are finally settled? Will they finally be settled? Will people be happy? I'm sure some will be. Will the recalls be over? Or will we be gearing up for a new round of recalls? Will the union fields and tax-and-spend liberals be gearing up their hate fest for Scott Walker and send us into another six months of negative campaigning and advertising? Civility has become a bad word.

How about more name-calling? Seven months is now a long time. It was seven months ago when so-called leaders like President Obama were calling for an end to the polarizing effects of partisan politics. A new tone was called for. It lasted as long as the economic recovery. Liberals in this state called for compromise but for them compromise means changing your thinking over to theirs. Don't think for yourself, obey the union hierarchy.

Whatever happened to the collective-bargaining ideas? Wasn't that the straw that broke the camel's back and started all of these recalls? That isn't even an issue anymore. Even Sandy Pacsh panders to the unions. But the billet changed the union organizations is not going to be reversed. Unions have caved on the issue of contributing to retirement funds. Unions have also caved on how much is being contributed towards healthcare insurance. It doesn't matter to them. All they want is their union dues. More money and more Democrats gives the unions their power. It's not about workers rights, it's not about the middle class, it's all about the unions and their power.

These recall elections have again brought to our attention that we have no good candidates. One candidate cheats, one candidate lies, one takes money from special interests and the other one gives government money to special interests... which is which, I don't know. And yet I am expected to pick one of these and feel good about it. Well, I can't.

The Democrats are expecting us to go back to the days and which we spent more than we took him and muscle the taxpayers to make up the difference. The Democrats are expecting us to have more dependent on the government. We've had a steady increase in government regulations and yet we still have people who are defrauding the government and pocketing a lot of money and the Democrats and regulators are turning the other way because they think that this is helping children. More government regulation has not kept e coli out of our food system. So how effective is our government? Sending them more money doesn't seem to fix it. What are the people who are supposed to be doing these jobs now actually doing?

Four weeks. That's all it time that the Democrats gave him the Walker administration before they all drove to Madison and started chanting union poetry that begins hey, hey, ho, ho... did that restore confidence for you?

What it comes down to individually, is if we are going to be better off in the near term than we were before. We think were thinking out a generation, but it's really about the here and now. Some may think that selfish and others may think it's greed, but are we really going to accept the fact that the American dream is over? Is prosperity behind us? Will we have a bright future again? These are the questions that should really matter to us, and these won't be decided on Tuesday. Not Tuesday alone.

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