Recovery Summer 3.0

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Once again, welcome to recovery summer. Remember those green shoots a President Obama talked about a couple of years ago? The green shoots that were supposed to represent growth in the economy? The green shoots that were supposed to tell us that we were are well on the way to recovery? I don't remember them either. Apparently they didn't grow into anything.

Once again, after wasting an entire summer on one piece of legislation that captured the imagination of the country as well as the headlines of newspapers across the country, the president has come out again and said that he will now pay more attention to focusing on jobs. After three months of an unemployment rate increase, somebody finally noticed that the unemployment rate in the United States is getting worse.

Yes, President Obama came to office with the intention of changing how things are done in Washington. From what we've seen last week, he hasn't changed a thing. As a senator, he opposed the debt ceiling increase and called it presidential failure of leadership. How is what he has done in the past couple of weeks any different? To quote the president, “this is no way to operate the greatest country on the face of the earth.” Why doesn't he proposed budgets? Apparently he doesn't understand how the budget actually works. Yet this was going to be the president was coming close to the budget line by line in question every program to see if it works effectively. What an imagination!

For over 2 1/2 years to become a joke to see the president come out and talk about jobs as if he knows how people actually create jobs in the economy. He thinks the only way that jobs are created is through government expansion. And that's too bad because it's affecting all Americans. This class warfare is causing people who would normally be spending money on things that they don't need which would create jobs for people who would be manufacturing those items. It would be creating jobs for people providing services. But no, the only way to create jobs according to the administration is to tax the wealthy and redistribute wealth by giving it to the poor. After 2 1/2 years of that policy, how is it worked out?

The President and his administration are still using the same talking points blaming the problems of this country on what he inherited. Well, the presidency is not an office that is inherited. If he does not like the job, he needs to resign. So why is he running for reelection? Apparently he likes the perks like using Air Force One to fly to Chicago for a birthday bash and fundraiser. How does that connect with those who are long-term unemployed? Does he feel their pain? Not on Air Force One he doesn't.

So what's the solution short-term? The jobs policy of this presidency has failed. They have been on supply-side economics and demonstrated that man side economics will also not work. Are we to expect more of the same? We would almost have to because there are no other arrows in the quiver. The Democrats have no ideas.

This country is in desperate need of a President that understands economics. With Obama up for reelection, we know that the Democrats will not be offering a candidate that has an understanding of macroeconomics. Perhaps the Republicans will be able to offer somebody who understands the economic problems and is able to provide the environment so that the private sector can expand and grow. That is the only way that we can get out of this great recession which is really not so great.

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