Hot Weather Causes Global Warming

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Does hot weather cause global warming or is it the other way around? Is it a timely discussion or just a lot of hot air? Perhaps I can summarize an article I had read recently in the left-wing publication,"Liberal Lies And How to Tell Them." Then it will all make sense.

Earlier this spring, we had very cool and wet weather. Was this caused by global warming? Of course it was. But here's the difference how liberals explain it-but cool weather is just that -- weather. And whether is not climate. Therefore we can still have global warming and a cool spring. The frame is definitely caused by global warming. A lot of rain is extreme weather. Liberals like that word "extreme"and use it in a lot of conversations. Conservatives are extreme, politicians are extreme, people who think they pay too much in taxes are extreme, people who don't like dependency on government are extreme... the list goes on. And now that you're distracted, let's throw the point back at you. Extreme weather is caused by global warming. Or climate change, or climate change caused by man, whatever they're calling it this year.

The few days of nice normal weather was the calm before the storm. The darkness before the dawn. The nest in the gale. It was the pendulum swinging from that cold extreme weather to the hot global warming caused global warming. And if you think it's hot outside, it's because of global warming. Yes, this portion of the weather is caused by global warming according to the article. Oh, if we could only put a price on carbon. According to liberals, if we properly taxed coal, oil, natural gas, methane, farts, and everything else, this extreme weather would even out and we would all have nice smooth temperature controlled days. The rain could only fall on Mondays and the weekends would all be nice- except in December when the Packers would be playing in Lambeau Field.

Missing from the article was the part where are President Obama proudly proclaimed that now is the time that global warming slowed down. The earth began to heal. The oceans stopped rising. Now was the time... what happened to that? I don't know either.

Yes, I urge you to pick up your copy of "Liberal Lies And How to Tell Them."Next month's issue will be online only at the request of Al Gore. But it is okay to kill trees for a collector's issue magazine. Not to mention 2000 page bills that are double-spaced and printed on one side of the sheet when fundamentally changing the United States is at stake. After all, not everybody wants to use twitter.

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